Call of Duty won’t be removed from PlayStation: Sony is manipulating antitrust, says Jez Corden

Call of Duty will still be available on PlayStation and Sony is using it Arguments of bad faith For the sole purpose of antitrust manipulation: that’s the accusation journalist Jez Corden made in a long and detailed editorial.

A few hours after the news of the Call of Duty Next event, which once again confirmed the power of the famous shooter in the video game market, Corden reflected on the strategy of the Japanese house that aims. Block Activision Blizzard’s acquisition.

“Sony’s tactics have revolved around the idea for some time Delete XboxBut in recent years, the company has moved in that direction, implementing more or less covert strategies to obfuscate Microsoft’s platform and raise doubts about its operational performance,” Corden wrote.

“Games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake Listed as temporary exclusives at the time of announcement, but their arrival in St Xbox is still lockedTo the detriment of the customers who have been waiting for this until now.”

“Other games like the following Hogwarts Legacy will feature PlayStation exclusive content And we all remember the famous situation fatewhich had entire missions removed from the Xbox version, reducing its value.

“Sony too monopolized Fighting games of all genres Street Fighter V exclusive deals but Limited cross-play for titles to which it did not have exclusive rights. How good is this practice for the industry?”

“Of course, it’s a business, and even Microsoft has done something like this in the past, especially in the Xbox 360 era. The media frenzy over Rise of the Tomb Raider’s exclusivity deal has been intense, and it’s not the kind of thing Microsoft has done since. Completely separate these types of operations in favor of PlayStation. But this is where the truth about Sony’s Call of Duty fears emerges.

“Sony isn’t afraid of losing Call of Duty or running out of game content. What they fear is that Consumers are realizing the value of Xbox Game Passare afraid will lose the ability to dictate the gaming market.”

So Corden gave the example of cross-play. Nintendo doesn’t block cross-play, nor does Steam or Xbox: only Sony blocks this feature and does Make it difficult for users to choose any platform It is not the most popular among users is what antitrust should prevent.”

“The hard truth is that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not only a positive thing for Xbox, but the opposite of what Sony claims: the deal will be beneficial. All consumers and the entire industry.”

The Microsoft team has retweeted this story from social media, and so this is Microsoft’s position as well, not just Jez Corden from Windows Central. Microsoft will use Sony’s “rot” in the industry to stay on top and try to justify its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

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