Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation, Phil Spencer has made it clear once and for all

Phil Spencer tried to find out once and forever That Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation even until the possible completion of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard: the CEO of Microsoft Gaming spoke unambiguously on this topic, guaranteeing that there will be no last seconds.

In the face of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s extraordinary results, pulling in a billion dollars in ten days, Spencer was again asked about making the series an Xbox exclusive in some way, but He rejected this scenario and repeated. What has been said so far has been tried to be even more accurate.

“It’s not like at some point I’m going to pull the rug under the PlayStation 7’s feet and say, ‘Hahaha, you’re not under contract long enough.’ 🇧🇷

“The idea is that we can sign a contractI think the term “forever” is a bit sillyBut I would have no problem signing A longer commitment That Sony feels comfortable and so do the regulators. 🇧🇷

Spencer then typed out a series of very clear statements: “Call of Duty will still be available on PlayStation, it won’t be tied to a Game Pass subscription, it won’t be streamed. Call of Duty, however, we can still do it, just like on our consoles. “

🇧🇷I am not hiding anything🇧🇷 Let’s talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which is great on PlayStation and Xbox, but also the next episode, the next, the next. Available natively on the platform without a Game Pass subscription, and Sony doesn’t need to accept Game Pass on its consoles for this to happen.”

🇧🇷 There are no disputes🇧🇷 We want to continue bringing Call of Duty to PlayStation without any gimmicks. I understand that some people are concerned, so I’ll try to be as clear as possible. “

Will Phil Spencer’s abundant assurances be enough to get Activision Blizzars in Europe back on track? As we know, the European Commission did not give the green light and moved on to Phase 2, ordering a new and deeper investigation.

However, the reasons given by the Commission and episodes such as Ricardo Cardoso’s unfortunate tweet are coming back A feeling of obvious prejudice against MicrosoftWhat we hope will be confirmed by the facts.


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