Buying the next generation console will be difficult until 2023, warns Xbox exec

It is expected that component shortages and distribution issues will continue to shake the industry

After Xbox Series X | S This is PlayStation 5 Arrived in stores in late 2020, purchasing a unit of any of them at the offered price proved to be a difficult task. Although device availability varies by region, The global semiconductor crisis continues to limit the capacity of manufacturers Obtaining the parts needed to assemble and distribute equipment.

Although there is information that the situation has already improved, Xbox CFO Tim Stewart has warned that it must remain difficult until at least 2023. At a meeting with shareholders, he said that “The supply chain environment may remain problematic in 2022 and during the holiday season“.

According to Stewart, It’s not just the lack of components that has prevented Microsoft from meeting user demand for new Xbox units. – That which is mainly related to the Series X model. He explains that the company is also dealing with it Rising prices in the logistics sector who is “Pressure on profit margin“.

Microsoft acknowledges the lack of control in some regions

Delivery and distribution issues are not limited to the sale of new consoles. Microsoft has confirmed that there is a lack of Xbox controllers in some regions of the planetWhich he attributed to delays in the delivery of new units to the device.

We know that finding Xbox wireless controllers is now difficult due to delivery delays. We are working as quickly as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to improve this. Please check with your local resellers for availability.“- say the company A. The press release is displayed on the VGC website.

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Micron CEO warns: Delivery problems in the industry will continue

Micron CEO warns: Delivery problems in the industry will continue
Rising oil prices and new closures in China are expected to lead to higher prices

Lack of components also affects competitors Sony And Nintendo, Who were forced to lower their sales forecast for their consoles. In the financial report published in April, The PlayStation owner reduced the number of devices from 14.8 million to 11.5 million That he believes he will be able to sell during the 2022 fiscal year.


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