Bungie will continue to prosecute cheaters and abusers as it is a good business practice

The company says it has no tolerance for actors who help alienate people from their communities

Although many companies treated fraudsters and abusers as an inevitable part of their society, Bungie has decided to be more active and aggressive when it comes to Destiny 2. The company’s legal team has become known for suing anyone who misbehaves within the game. Will continue to follow in the future.

Don McGowan, the company’s general counsel, said this in an interview with Axios He considers this a good business practice. “Historically we’ve seen that bad actors are generally tolerated by people who have the ability and power to get rid of them, who don’t focus their efforts on it.He explained.

Simply put, we disagree. We believe that eliminating harassment and abuse from our community is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business.“, McGowan explained. Among the actions taken by the company are lawsuits against the creators of the scams and a player who posed as an employee and tried to remove content from YouTube channels.

The company is strict with bullies

just recently Bungie also launched a lawsuit against a player it accuses of repeatedly threatening one of its employees. and promised to burn down the developers’ building. In addition, the accused would sell items for real money, which is prohibited in the Destiny 2 universe.

McGowan explains that the game’s developers are avoiding lawsuits because of both Difficulty in finding those responsible for illegal actions, as well as difficulty in compensating for their legal costs. According to him, the company considers active action as a strategic part of future plans, the overall goal of which is to maintain healthy communities and a sustainable development environment.

The company that created the Destiny 2 cheats will have to pay Bungie $13.5 million

The company that created the Destiny 2 cheats will have to pay Bungie $13.5 million
Despite the fine, Elite Boss Tech continues to sell cheat packs for other games

He claims that Bungie should continue to file lawsuits in the future and that there is no way they will tolerate actors who turn people away Who could have fun with games like Destiny 2. Currently, the developer is undergoing a transformation process in its communication with the public, the result of a wave of harassment that has led to threats being considered against its development team.


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Source: Axios


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