Bungie is asking PS5 owners to stop playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2

The developer claims that many people do not know that the game has a native version for the latest console.

Officially released at the end of 2020, Fate 2 For the current generation of consoles, the game was provided with a higher resolution and performance locked to 60 frames per second. However, Bungie noted that A significant number of PlayStation 5 players still play the PlayStation 4 versionEven if there are no costs to upgrade to the latest version.

We’ve noticed a noticeable number of PS5 players playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2 on their current-gen consoles.“, the company writes on its official blog. He also took the opportunity to share Sony’s official guide Explains how to update old console games for free which offers this option.

The focus on the PlayStation 5 situation can be explained by the fact that The console makes the process of getting the latest versions of some games more complicated than necessary. While on Microsoft consoles this happens automatically thanks to the Smart Delivery system, on Sony’s platform you have to manually choose which version to download from the PS Store – which opens up a lot of loopholes for errors.

Sony’s cross-generational integration leaves its mark

The generational divide proposed by Sony brings both benefits and problems for gamers. For example, when choosing the PlayStation 4 version of a game, users may end up with a lower resolution that is Compensated by the more stable performance of the PlayStation 5.

However, not only are the cases rare, but the problems caused by the decision are also more pronounced. To transfer storage between two console generations, for example, It is often necessary to install both versions of the game And do the process manually.

situations such as Don’t happen on platforms like Xbox and PC, and even the Nintendo Switch has smarter save transfer capabilities. Although the problems disappear as the PlayStation 4 generation is left, Sony’s decision is still questionable And it brings more problems than necessary for its users.

The creator of the Destiny 2 cheat says it won't hurt the game and is willing to work with Bungie

The creator of the Destiny 2 cheat says it won’t hurt the game and is willing to work with Bungie
AimJunkies claims that its overlay helped increase the game’s sales and player count.


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