Build your house! Microsoft will add a construction and renovation simulator to Game Pass

House Flipper has been added to Microsoft’s catalog of surprises

THE Microsoft Added to catalog Xbox Game Pass game House pinball — a home building and renovation simulator — now free for service members. The game was developed and published by the studio Frozen area and arrived in stores in 2020. This addition to the catalog was unexpected Microsoft The last day of June and now will allow many players to get their hands dirty building multiple houses.

In the game, you will need to find money to build your own house, and there is nothing better than looking for a job in a good old neighborhood and doing services such as painting walls, installing electrical appliances, heating, repairing showers or air conditioners, and maybe even working to decorate houses.

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Whatever your approach, whether it’s building your dream home, helping residents renovate, or just needing to knock down a few walls to relieve stress – House Flipper is here for you! So sit back, forget about your everyday problems and dive into the world of House Flipper… your world!

You will face many challenges House pinball, you will not always find a ready and perfect place for renovation, sometimes it will be necessary to remove rubble, broken glass and other things that can interfere with the progress of the project. You will be able to use in your renovation all the equipment that a good professional uses, such as a paint roller, a squeegee, a spatula, a mop, a hammer, in addition to your tablet to organize everything that needs to be done.

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