Bugs cause the third character to be deleted in Overwatch 2

May the game should be at least until November 15 of this year

While stores attracted more than 25 million players in their first month, Overwatch 2 didn’t necessarily go through this period smoothly.. After temporarily removing Torbjorn and Bastion to fix bugs, Blizzard announced this Tuesday (1) that May will “stay in the fridge” for a while due to some problems while working.

As the company explained on Twitter, The character must be unavailable for selection until at least November 15th. In his case, the problem had to do with the ability to form an ice wall that other characters could use to reach unauthorized areas of the scenario.

We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and plan to bring Mei back in our next patch scheduled for November 15th.“, the company says. In the same update, Blizzard aims to bring the first gameplay tweaks to Overwatch 2, Nervous characters Like Sombra, D.va, Zarya and Genji.

Mei’s ability serves to block opponents

While the ability that caused Mei to be removed allows others to reach higher points in the landscape, that is not her goal. The ice wall it creates is intended to stop the advance of enemy forces.It is especially useful in scenarios where you need to transport cargo to a certain point on the map.

Despite not being part of the original Overwatch cast, the heroine has quickly become quite a popular choice since her debut in 2016. It is among its possibilities Ability to temporarily freeze enemies and an ice spear shot that is deadly in the hands of good players.

Remove characters This wasn’t the only point of criticism of Overwatch 2, which adopted a free-to-play model instead of the original game’s paid business model. Although this opened the door to the game to more people, the decision caused a A microtransaction system whose prices are quite exaggerated.

Overwatch 2's Halloween event is delayed by connection errors

Overwatch 2’s Halloween event is delayed by connection errors
The LC-208 code problem mainly affects console players


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