Brazilian gaming pioneer Renato Degiovanni reaffirms his bet on Star Trek Holodeck games.

On October 15, gaming fans were able to see the release of the documentary “Loading – Our First Computer Games”, produced by journalist Carlos Biget and retrocomputing and retrogaming researcher Marcus Garrett.

At the end of the screening, the producers invited some of the interviewees in the video to come on stage to talk about their experience and answer any questions from the audience.

On this day, Dean Renato Degiovanni, recognized as the first game designer in Brazil, reaffirmed his commitment to the future of games, not as a product of VR or Augmented Reality, but as a creation for the Holodeck, a concept created by the science fiction series. Star Trek in the 1960s. Essentially, the holodeck is an immersive environment constructed through force fields that we can physically interact with as if it were part of our material reality.

Renato had already expressed the same opinion earlier in May 2019 during a public presentation during the Brazilian developer’s lecture at the Fatec Game Week event held at the Technical School of São Paulo in the city of Carapicuiba.

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Renato Degiovanni with Carlos Bighetti and Marcus Garrett on stage at MIS in October 2022. Photo: Kao Tokyo

Drops de Jogos accompanied a presentation in which a professional stated that “the future of games, of entertainment, is the holodeck”, considering the hypothesis as a natural process as we evolve technologically.

“One day we’ll be in space… there’ll be nothing to do.” The business is for you to interact with the virtual world,” he said at the time, to the amusement of an audience that supported the opportunity.

The documentary Loading, which collects a series of reports on the first productions of Brazilian games for computers, such as Amazônia, by Degiovanni himself, and In Search of the Treasure, the 1986 classic by Tadeu Curinga da Silva, took three years to complete. manufactured. It ended – partly due to the pandemic – and saved an important part of gaming and computing history in Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s.

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