Brazilian game Phobia reaches bestseller position on Steam right after launch

Indie horror was highly rated by platformers

This Tuesday (28) started the Brazil game Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel It has reached an important milestone in its launch. The game reached the first place in the bestsellers SteamGame store Valve, on the first day of life. The news was released by the profile of the game developer, Pulsatrix Studiosand registered SteamDBOrganized by database Steam.

link on the page Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel on Steam

Getting the game

So far, the game Horror indie It was well received by players and critics. THE PC versionon Steamalready has 76 Players Review And overall ratings are marked as “very positive”. Player comments include the puzzle mechanics present in Phobia and great titles like Resident Evilwas indicated.

On the part of critics, the title is A Overall score of 74 on Metacriticwith individual estimates that fall in between 70 and 80 metascores. References were made again between analyses Resident EvilWhich should indicate a clear inspiration from the developers and should be a good draw for fans of the series.

If you want to get to know the game better before starting your experience, adrenaline Will soon publish a full analysis of the title, highlighting its features and what to expect from the work.

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Thirteen Trails is home to the Hotel Santa Dinfna, which has many rumors, including mysterious disappearances and paranormal activity. Journalist Roberto Leyte López travels to Santa Catarina in search of the scoop to seek advice from Stefani.

Your investigative skills will help you uncover the truth and survive when you encounter a camera that reveals other timelines, a sect, human experiments, and ghosts. Solve the puzzles and find something to stop them as the past, present and future collide.


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Source: Pulsatrix StudiosSteamDB


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