Brazilian game Ghetto Zombies is a pixel art inspired by Grazhau valleys

Game Drops has received official information. The Brazilian game Ghetto Zombies is a pixel-art inspired by the Grazhau Gorges. Check.

Developed by Fogo Games, a studio based in Quebec City, the game has a fundraising campaign to launch a PC game. A game called Ghetto Zombies is an action-packed pixel art shooter where the player has a mission to defend a ravine in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies rule. The game will support single player and multiplayer. The player will be able to choose to play with different squadron characters, unlock new characters throughout the adventure.

“It is extremely important to think that the stand-alone gaming scene is a multifaceted space and, moreover, that the realization of the studio-created game in Rio de Janeiro shows the strength of the periphery in the gaming market.” – Andreza Delgado (Executive Game Producer)

In the history of the game

In the game story the whole city was infected with a virus that came out of the city plumbing system, with the exception of “Vila Fundinho”, a fictional fracture that was without tap water Z today – the day of infection. For this reason, the Village has become a “safe zone” in the game, which is now under siege and surrounded by zombies. And as one of the heroes of “Ghetto Z Squad”, you have to shoot crazy guns, spray paint on the city walls, upgrade your items and characters and kill lots of zombies! The game will also have a graffiti system for painting city walls.

The game campaign has several awards, thanks to the backgrounds, from the DLC soundtrack and the game’s amazing and hitherto unseen zine. Anyone who wants to know can play

If the game achieves its goal, it will be developed for the computer and after completion will be released for consoles as well. A demo version of the game is now available and you can download and play it for free here


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The Brazilian game Ghetto Zombies is a pixel-art inspired by the Grazhau Gorges. Photo: Disclosure

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About Fogo Games

Develop the game Fire Games, An independent studio formed mainly after being broken by the developer. We produce games that focus on representing popular Brazilian culture and what we call “marginal narratives” in games.


Andreza Delgado

Fabio Cacho

Senior Junior

Samuel Bu

Luis Azanha

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Lucas Ponce

Glauber Barreto

Danny Lima

Gustavo PP

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