Brazilian game 171, “Brazilian GTA”, is gaining early access

Game Drops has received official information. Brazilian game 171, “Brazilian GTA”, is gaining early access. Check out the details below.

Alpha version this Thursday 11/17 at 10am 171🇧🇷 The game, known as the Brazilian GTA, will be sold at Nuuvem at an exclusive promotional price of R$ 49.99 (PC), a 15% discount compared to competitors.

One of the differentials 171 There is an ambitious bet on realistic graphic quality and third-person shooter gameplay that is closer to AAA studios like Rockstar and THQ than indie games in general. It’s no surprise that original IP productions are attracting as much attention from fans of the indie scene as they are from more mainstream players, bursting the bubble just like Phobia St. Dinfna Hotel, a Brazilian horror game that became a bestseller on Steam and Nuuvem upon launch.

The game has been developed by the Betagames Group studio since 2015. Thanks to a dedicated community on social networks, the game has already raised more than BRL 250,000 in two successful crowdfunding campaigns, bringing together a total of 4,597 supporters in Catarse.

The PC Alpha version is early access, that is, the current content may contain bugs, in-game mechanics may be subject to instability or be temporarily disabled to receive the necessary polish, the current content does not represent the final quality. game and they should be changed and/or included in future versions.

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Brazilian game 171, “Brazilian GTA”, is gaining early access. Photo: Disclosure

Questions and answers about the game

Renato Cesar Facini Bassi, CEO of Betagames

1) When did you start developing the project?

Renato: The development of the game started in 2015 when we switched to Unreal Engine 4, but it wasn’t until early 2019 that we got enough resources through our first crowdfunding campaign to accelerate development.

2) How many people work in game development and production?

Renato: The development of the game works in stages, where at each stage a number of developers participate in the production, the development of the alpha version involved up to 10 people, from fixed to freelancers.

3) How is the public and press reception?

Renato: It was a great reception for us, it is a good indicator that we are going in the right direction.

4) What is the estimated release date of the final version?

Renato: The release date of the final version depends on our resources for development. If all goes as planned by 2024.

5) What are your key references? I imagine GTA San Andreas and Saints Rows, but how do they appear in the game?

Renato: We are inspired by several movies and games, each piece has valuable things that it is inspired by, be it the environment, sound or visual effects, etc. , Just Cause, GTA, Mafia, Driver, etc., each work has strengths to appreciate.

6) Your game has a product with a very Brazilian aesthetic that highlights our urban space, as well as a menu and dubbing in Portuguese, which shows that the game is made for us. How do you see the current scenario of the gaming industry in terms of domestic consumption? What are your expectations?

Renato: Our inspiration in the Brazilian culture is not only the scenery, every element of the game was considered to have some reference to our culture, we see the Brazilian game market very strong and if we compare it to a few years ago. I can say that he has a bright future ahead of him.

7) What mechanics are already available in the alpha version of the game?

Renato: The main game mechanics are already implemented, the player can explore the map in depth using the in-game open world mechanics, can explore the city, drive cars, motorbikes and climb houses and facilities. You can also enter several houses on the map, since about 20% of the houses have interactive interiors. There are also random events that happen in certain parts of the city on specific days and times.

You can interact with characters and cars that circulate on the city streets, there is an opportunity to be friendly or hostile with them, each type of character reacts differently to your actions and your choice will bring consequences, you can provoke. Criminal or attracted the attention of the authorities who are always looking to fight crime.

You can earn money by doing specific jobs around town and spend that money at shops spread across the map, including weapon shops, car mods and clothes for the main character. The game does not yet have a campaign mode, however, you can save your progress in the hero’s home.


Game title: 171

Version: PC – Alpha (Early Access)

Developer: Betagames Group

Alpha launch: 11/17/2022

Play on Nuuvem:

Advertising cost (PC): 49.99 BRL (15% discount)

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171 has a big city inspired by the quintessentially Brazilian scenarios, every detail and element in the game environment is designed to give the player a sense of familiarity, the city comes alive with pedestrians and cars walking around the map interacting with each other and on the map the player has weapons and can interact with the city elements, but be careful, because every action can create a reaction with the same intensity, an aggressive action can attract attention, which is why the innocent will keep their distance and lead to problems not only with the police, but also with local bandits.

This is an early access alpha version, current content may contain bugs, in-game mechanics may be subject to instability or temporarily disabled to receive the necessary polish, current content does not represent the final quality of the game and the same should be changed and/or included in future versions.

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