Brazilian court banned in League of Legends for ‘toxicity’ restores account

The referee pointed out that Riot Games used a very severe penalty and did not offer the player the opportunity to defend himself.

A player in the Brazilian League of Legends (LoL) banned by Riot Games for toxic behavior, Restored your account after a complaint with the developerAt Mato Grosso State Court (TJMT). Judge Maria appealed Ferreira Fago, from TJMT, which is responsible for hearing the conciliation, offered the player an affirmative opinion, and reported that Riot Games had applied a very severe penalty to the player and did not offer him the opportunity to defend himself, as guaranteed by Brazilian law. Now the company has up to 15 days to reactivate the player’s account.

According to Riot Games, prior to the ban, the player received a temporary disqualification as punishment for his behavior in League of Legends. For 14 days, the player is suspended and can not access his account. The developer claims that after the suspension was completed, he returned to show behavior that is considered toxic and cursed team members – With words like brainless, dzu, dead end, TNC (take the ass) – and because of this your account has been banned forever.

The company has attached a process number of 1040722-44.2021.8.11.0001 chat where the player will appear in at least two different matches and swear at other teammates.

Penalties in LoL do not obey the regulation itself

According to the League of Legends support page, players who exhibit malicious behavior are subject to punishment from the company. A penalty that, according to the company statute, must comply with the order, with a progressive suspension until the account is completely canceled.

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In this case, the player was directly imposed a 14-day disqualification and shortly after was banned forever. According to Riot Games’s own page, The account should be suspended for 14 days only in case of violation of the third rule. In the lawsuit, the company justified the action by saying: “The toughening of the penalties is not mandatory or mandatory and punitive steps can be prevented if it is proven that the user has used extreme toxic behavior.”

However, the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso found that the position of the developer violates the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code. After hearing the conciliation, referee Maria appealed to Ferreira Fago to rule in favor of the player. In his opinion he Admits the gamer had toxic behavior, but notes that the punishment imposed by Riot Games was too harsh and could not give the player the right to defend himself.. In the process, moral damages of R $ 6000 were also claimed, but the claim was not upheld. See the judge’s opinion in full below.

Even if there is evidence of a breach of the defendant’s terms of use, the binding of which is a mandatory condition for the use of the platform, the plaintiff’s practical conduct is in fact abusive but does not justify the immediate ban, and a specific case must be analyzed. Now, it does not seem convincing that the obscenity expressed during the game automatically leads to permanent expulsion, such as committing a crime that violates human constitutional guarantees, such as equal treatment without any kind of superstition, because of color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and more. Therefore, the defendant’s practical conduct violates the information duty, as well as beyond the reasonableness of the application of the sentence.


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Source: League of Legends, JusBrasil


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