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Several launches have already been confirmed Amazon Prime Video in June 2022. In this way Streamings Brasil has collected the main releases of the following month and it seems that a lot of attention will be focused on the original products.

Certainly the biggest moment of the debut Prime Video in June 2022, Is exactly the 3rd season of The Boys. The new year of the series will be released in 3 episodes on June 3 and later runs in weekly episodes until July 8.

For their part, fans of romantic comedies will be delighted with the wonderful news. The series Summer That Changed My Life, inspired by Jenny Hamm’s books (All Guys, from Netflix), premieres throughout June. Another good option is the TV series Chloe, which the service advertised as a psychological thriller.

Finally, the service also makes the movie My Fake Boy available. The feature is the service’s first fully LGBTQIA + movie and promises to delight genre lovers. So check out the list Amazon Prime Video will be released in June 2022.

The Amazon Prime video will be released in June 2022

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Boys – Season 3


Behind the Scenes with Catherine Ryan – Season 1


Fairfax – Season 2
My fake boyfriend


Summer That Changed My Life – Season 1
Lake – Season 1


Chloe – Season 1
At Home with Gil – Season 1

What is it worth watching?

Most of the releases Amazon Prime Video in June 2022, Is unprecedented. That’s why we’ve put out the synopses and other information below so you do not miss anything about the service.

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Boys – Season 3

The most anticipated series on Amazon Prime will arrive in 2022, from June 3rd. As already mentioned, the first three episodes will be released on June 3, while the other five episodes will be released weekly until July 8.

According to Synopsis, the third season will have a jump in a short time. It was a year of tranquility. Homeland is submissive. Butcher works in a government overseen by Hugh, by the way. But two men want to turn that calm and serenity into blood and bone.

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So when the boys discover a mysterious anti-super weapon, he sends them to the Seven, start a war, and pursue the legend of the first superhero: the soldier boy.

Intending to stop corrupt superheroes, the boys, a group of sober people, continue their heroic journey to reveal the truth about The Seven and Vought – a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that manages superheroes and hides their dirty secrets. It is at first glance powerless against superpowers.

My fake boyfriend (my fake boy)

For those who love movies of this genre, My Boyfriend Fake opens on January 10th June on Amazon Prime Video. The film is actually a production of Lionsgate and it was purchased by a streaming service.

In my fake boyfriend, Drew lives in a toxic and troubled relationship. In order to drop him once and for all from his former life and help him move forward, Drew’s best friends decide to create a fake date for him.

There is everything in the plan to be perfect, but Drew eventually falls in love with Raffe, though he still stops with his fake boyfriend.

A summer that changed my life

Inspired by the book of the same name by Jenny Hahn (All the Boys I Have Loved Before), this series is ideal for teen romance lovers. The series is considered to be a multi-generational drama that revolves around a love triangle between a girl and two brothers.

The ever-evolving relationship between mothers and their children and the enduring power of strong female friendships. This is the story of adolescence about first love, first heartache and the magic of this wonderful summer.

Lake (Lake)

Another good comedy, this time dramatic, which debuts Amazon Prime Video in June 2022, Is a lake. In Brazil, the series will be called O Lago. The series follows Justin when he returns from a life abroad after moving away from his longtime partner. He returns hoping to reconnect with the biological daughter he left as a teenager to adopt.

His plans to create new memories with his urban-loving daughter, Bill, on the idyllic lake of his childhood, are thwarted when he discovers that his father has abandoned the family to his “perfect” stepmother, Macy-May.


Another good event of the month is the psychological thriller Chloe. The series follows Becky Green, who is obsessed with her childhood friend Chloe being on perfect social media. Chloe’s fascinating life, with her beloved husband and a successful circle of friends who are always one step ahead.

By doing so, Beck could not bear to look at a world that was so opposed to his world. At the same time caring for a mother who has the onset of dementia. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky acquires a new identity and penetrates the enviable lives of Chloe’s closest friends to find out what happened to her.

So look forward to any of them Amazon Prime Video will be released in June 2022?

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