Blizzard laments Overwatch 2’s lack of support players

The company promises changes to make the paper more attractive to its public

despite Overwatch 2 Belonging to the category of first-person shooters, the game is not just about killing members of the opposing team. However, it seems Not many people take on the role of supporting their teamA situation that caused great concern at Blizzard.

On its official blog, the company admitted that the lack of healers in the game andQueues grow and make it harder to find matches🇧🇷 To remedy the situation, the company said it will take steps to make paper more attractive to more people.

🇧🇷Moving to a 5v5 setup we see longer cooldowns than we’d like for both tanks and damaged players🇧🇷 explains executive producer Jared Neuss🇧🇷 🇧🇷While there is no easy solution to this problem, the team has many ideas that we want to try out for future seasons.🇧🇷

Overwatch 2 is set to receive major changes

Among the options Blizzard is exploring, Neuss explains Reworked how supporting cast characters behave🇧🇷 Additionally, it doesn’t rule out working on substantial changes to the game that make the feature work very differently.

Among the most immediate solutions for Overwatch 2 Changes the Battle Pass system to deliver experience points🇧🇷 Support players currently get 500 points for their first match and only an additional 100 points for each subsequent match – not much of an incentive for a healer.

Blizzard has also achieved this in the past We promise to include more categories of heroes in the game, as a result of which players will find more attractive options. So far, the company hasn’t announced a definitive solution to the problem, but it’s sure to share news about its plans soon.

Overwatch 2 had over 35 million players in its first month

Overwatch 2 had over 35 million players in its first month
The average number of online players per day is twice that of the first Overwatch


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