Blizzard apologizes for releasing Overwatch 2; The cell system will be removed

Blizzard apologized for the difficult release Overwatch 2 and ended the policy requiring all players to have a phone number linked to their account to access the game.

In a post on the Blizzard forums (via VGC), overwatch It addressed various issues that users have been facing since the free-to-play game was released and revealed plans to fix them.

“Despite millions of people enjoying the game, the release did not live up to their and our expectations,” the company said. “First of all, we want to apologize to our players. We were waiting to be released Overwatch 2 be quiet We want a higher standard and work to solve the problems you face.

Blizzard’s controversial two-factor authentication system, SMS Protect, which prevents users on prepaid plans from playing the game, will be removed for “most existing players. overwatch” via an update that is expected to be released on October 7. “Any Overwatch player with a linked account, which includes all players who play after June 9, 2021, will not need to provide a phone number to play,” Blizzard said. “We remain committed to combating disruptive behavior Overwatch 2 “Accounts that were not linked to, as well as new accounts, must still meet SMS Protect requirements,” he added.

Blizzard said it is working on patches to improve stability and increase login reliability. While some issues have been resolved, there is more work to be done, so players should expect queues and outages in the short term.

The studio also addressed reports of players having their in-game inventory partially or fully reset after the sequel’s release. Blizzard said that in about half of the reported cases, the reason for this is that players have not yet completed the account merging process that allows them to receive in-game progress and cosmetics. Overwatch 2.

“In the second half of the cases reported for this issue, it is taking longer than expected for elements from the original Overwatch to be migrated and populated into Overwatch 2,” he said. “In all cases, no player data was deleted or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that won’t be deployed until next week, so we’re investigating server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available.”

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