Blade Runner RPG hits the door of Kickstarter in three minutes – Arkade

Blade Runner It did not have much success in cinemas, which was released in 1982. But over the years it has become a cult classic, with many people learning about the film later and becoming fans of the work, which is an adaptation. Do androids dream of electric sheep? in Philip K. Dick.

As one of the first hits of the cyberpunk genre in cinemas, the film helped popularize the concept, which expanded to include more film and also reached the gaming world. In addition, table RPGs also have a place for the genre because Blade Runner It was recently announced kickstarterAnd reached the goal in just three minutes.

Called Blade Runner: Role PlayingTable RPG is a work of art Free League Edition And Alcon Entertainment. The game takes place in Neon Los Angeles in 2037, 18 years after the events of the first film and 12 years before the second. The goal of the game was $ 10,124, but by the time this news was published, the project had already raised more than a million dollars.

As described in the campaign, RPG of Blade Runner Allow players to play the role of replicator or replica hunter. Like the movies, the game explores the central themes of this world, such as corporate intrigue, drama, action, and moral conflict. Players will be able to question themselves and even sympathize with enemies with violent stories.

Developer set for RPG Blade Runner Will come with a rule book, pre-generated characters and Electric Dreams, The first complete case file to be decrypted. Depending on the goals on Kickstarter, the startup kit may have add-ons such as custom data, printed maps, and initiative cards.

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