BioWare and EA are celebrating N7 2022 with a teaser for the new Mass Effect

This year marks the 10th edition of the franchise holiday

Today, November 7, is N7 Day, a day celebrating the Mass Effect franchise that has been around since 2012. to mark the date EA and BioWare released a teaser A reminder to fans of the series that the new title is still in production.

Since we last talked about the upcoming Mass Effect, pre-production on the game has been going very well. The team, made up of veterans of the Mass Effect franchise as well as some amazing new additions from BioWare, has grown! They have already grown. is working hard to create new characters and locations that you will love, as well as many other locations that you will remember,” said BioWare on their blog.

The new Mass Effect, which still has no set title, was announced in December 2020 and EA is keeping it under wraps, revealing next to nothing until now. In April of this year, BioWare stated that the new title was still in the early stages of development.

BioWare is also working on a new title in the Dragon Age franchise (Dreadwolf), its most advanced project yet. According to the studio, the development of the game has recently entered the alpha stage and is already playable from end to end.

BioWare and its latest games

The studio, which is part of EA, has had difficulties with the latest games released. Anthem was an example of not delivering what it promised. The game went viral when it was released in 2019. For example, the PC version has a 59 rating among critics and a 4.0 among gamers on Metacritic.

Mass Effect Andromeda, the last entry in the franchise that came out in 2017, did not live up to the original trilogy, performing far below expectations with several issues. Speaking of ratings, the game did slightly better than Anthem 72 (critical) and 5.0 (players) on the PC version.

As of now, there is no release window for the two franchises that BioWare is working on. Even Dragon Age Dreadwolf, which seems to be the most advanced in development, doesn’t have a release date.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has entered its alpha phase and is now fully playable

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has entered its alpha phase and is now fully playable
But the person in charge of Bioware reminds us that there is still a lot to do


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