Bioshock Infinite, from 2013, is getting a new proprietary launcher on Steam

An update by 2K Games broke the game for many people and prevented Linux access

Originally released in 2013, BioShock Infinite Received last Friday (3) “Quality of Life Update”, which introduced a A new launcher for your version of Steam. Without going into too much detail, publisher 2K Games said it will be used for delivery Purchasing additional content in the future.

The update was not well received by the game’s fan community, who criticized the addition of an unnecessary step to access it. Besides, The changes made by the publisher seem to have broken the game for manyEspecially those who use Linux systems.

It makes my game freeze constantly and makes the game unusable. Thanks 2K,” said jtredenick on Steam. Similar reports have been spotted on Reddit dedicated to BioShock Infinite, with many people claiming that The update broke the compatibility of three games in the series with the portable Steam Deck.

2K has already brought similar problems to other games

Many players have recalled that this is not the first time that 2K’s “Quality of Life” update has broken access to one of their games. XCOM 2A similar situation developed by Firaxis went through a few months ago, which It was fixed only after a long wait.

The implementation of the launcher may be an indication that the publisher may be He is planning to open a store of his own in the near future Or bet on more integration between platforms. In the current version, it allows players to connect to a personal account, which It doesn’t seem to do much good.

up to the moment 2K Games has not commented on community reviewsAnd the said problems seem to affect those who play on Linux as well as Windows 10 and other Microsoft systems. Created by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite hit stores on March 25, 2013 and won two DLCs that completed the studio’s activities.

A new BioShock chapter may be delayed until 2024

A new BioShock chapter may be delayed until 2024
Reports indicate that the development team recently lost 40 employees


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