Biggest fail of the year? The game that recorded the peak number of online players will be shut down for good early next year ⋆

started earlier this year The fall of Babylon Before the premiere, it attracted attention that it was a signed product square Enix And for that of platinum games, that is, two well-known developers who previously joined forces in very successful projects. However, when the title officially debuted, the disappointment was overwhelming. After all, many players could not find any attractions that could rekindle the adventure. And now it looks like the game’s days are numbered… so let’s take a look at the closing statement shall we?

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As Square Enix’s official statement explained, the current season of Babylon Fall will end on November 29, and the game will not receive any updates after that. Therefore, players who are still playing the game will have until February 28, 2023 (at 5:00 AM Brazil time) to enjoy the adventure, as that is the day the servers will be shut down for good. However, Candle points out that when I talk about “players,” I don’t mean a large number of players. In fact, months ago, as we reported here, the title saw a peak of one player connected at the same time on Steam. So that’s it! Square and Platinum had promised in the past that they would not abandon the project, but eventually “threw in the towel.”

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It should be noted that all “in-game” transactions are already blocked and players can already prepare for farewell. Recall that Babylon’s Fall was released for PC and PlayStation consoles and received negative reviews from fans and specialized media. In fact, given the heavy criticism, the announcement of the closure has been delayed. And that’s it! Square Enix and Platinum Games will have to add this failure to their history and players who enjoyed the game should look for new adventures. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.

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