BIG Festival changes its name and is now the festival of the best international games

Game Drops has received official information. The company Omelete and the Big Festival have teamed up to announce the largest gaming, creation and business event in Latin America, the company said.

2022 edition Great festival Comes with news. The largest festival of games, creation, business and networking in Latin America and Omelet Company Come together to host the main gaming event of the 1st semester of 2022, which will take place from 7 to 10 July.

The company Omelete, which is already known for its experience in the market and with customers, is coming Great festival Add value and articulation to the virtual games segment as a whole. According to festival director Gustavo Steinberg, the union further enhances the importance of the event on the stand-alone gaming scene and brings more power to one of the world’s major gaming events.

“The Great festival It has already established itself as a major event in the video game industry in Latin America and tends to keep the growth rate encouraging. The coming of a partnership with the company Omelete, which already has vast experience with CCXP, for example, reflects this moment of expansion that we are experiencing. “We are very pleased with this partnership and can only expect great things from it,” Steinberg said.

For Pierre Mantovani, CEO and Omelete Company Partner, the event and the partnership between the brands are the result of a new moment for gaming and eSports in Brazil. “We (from Omelete) have a role to play in promoting national culture and helping to grow the Brazilian gaming market. Because of this, we are very pleased to partner with BIG. “I’m sure we will bring more experience and connection between the event audience and the gaming and eSports fan community,” he said.

Great Festival 2022

This year the event will again be held in person but will also continue in an online format that has reached millions of fans in the last two years. The participation of companies such as Playstation, Xbox, Google and Tencent has already been confirmed. In addition, there are big names in the industry like Takashi TokitaLeading designer of Final Fantasy and David K. LamyArtistic Director of Riot Games.

In addition to the already proven attractions, the schedule also includes more than 100 lectures featuring some of the world’s best games, including numerous releases, some of the biggest influencers and names on the market, in addition to an unprecedented eSports schedule in partnership with the NFA Fire League in Brazil.

To the fans Great festival Attendance at the event can be guaranteed from May 16. Tickets for the region Great game – With game experiments and lectures – For sale in lots, prices start at 20 R $ (half price) and 40 R $ (full price). Business Meeting (B2B) Ticket Price Consultation Available on Business Platform Great Festival 2022. More information about tickets here.

New moment, new brand

THE Great festival Reaches the 10th edition, which marks a new brand. As the gaming market has grown exponentially over the last ten years, the event has also undergone a process of transformation and will present its new identity to the market, which has developed with Acerwo Studio. The new brand now increasingly encompasses the gaming development industry and encompasses the entire development chain in Brazil and International.

“With the evolution of the gaming market, the boundary between indie and no ceases to exist. At one point the game seems like an independent one, but in a few weeks it will take the place of AAA or III game as the big independent games are called. Therefore, we have renewed our brand to continue communication with all developers and audiences, “- explains the director of the company. Great festival.

Sealed by the Law of Cultural Encouragement, the big festival is sponsored by Master by Ripio; Gold sponsorship of Magalu Games, Bis, Claro and Fini; Silver sponsorship from DX Gameworks; Partnership with Abragames – Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers through the Brazilian Games Project, a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Apex-Brasil.


1 – Elden Ring, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

2 – Horizon Forbidden West, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

Great festival. Photo: Disclosure


Date: From 7 to 10 July 2022
schedule: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Local: S პo Paulo Expo
Address: Km. 1.5, Rod. dos Imigrantes – Vila Água Funda – S პo Paulo, SP
Income cost: From 20 R $ (half price) and 40 R $ (full price)
Event site

About the big festival

THE Great festival (The best International Games Festival) has been held since 2012 and is the most important festival and games market in Latin America. Its mission is to strengthen the gaming ecosystem in Brazil – to showcase the world’s best games, game publishers’ releases, business meetings, awards, extensive press coverage, lectures and the presence of key players in the region. As well as publishers and investors around the world.

About the company omelet

The largest conglomerate dedicated to pop culture fans in Brazil, Omelete uses its website, social networks and partners to reach more than 15 million people every month who want news from the world of movies, TV series, games, music and comics. , With texts, videos and posts on social networks. The brands Omelete, The Enemy, CCXP, CCXP Awards, Game XP and Gaules are part of the Omelete company.

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