Big Earth, a Brazilian indie game, uses real photos to create scenery

There are more than 15,000 original records of plants, insects and animals produced in the reserves.

big earth is an indie game from Brazil that focuses on the environment and presents a unique approach to the theme.

developed PlayPlay StudiosThe game was built using Unreal engine 4 and approximately 15,000 real and original photographs of fauna and flora from around the world; It was a job that took five years to complete.

Founded in 2017 by brothers Daniel (42) and Caio Zille (44), PlayPlay Studios was born with the intention of creating impactful games that have a purpose beyond entertainment to make players think about the topic at hand. Big Earth was created thanks to the graphical power of Unreal Engine 4, which “made game creation more accessible”, Daniel Zille.

The real nature of the Great Earth

The game follows the humiliating Dr. Kyle Seid – the scientist in charge of the Great Earth Labs – on an epic journey through Earth’s most important biomes, in search of resources and equipment that can bring it back to normal size and save the future of humanity.

The Zill brothers directed and produced the entire game, so they were able to add another passion: nature photography. “We’ve always loved photographing nature and thinking about it, we’ve had lots of photos since before they used film,” said Daniel.

In addition to the photos they already had, they took new shots, and several friends also contributed their own images, according to the needs of the project. Greater Earth has records from places like Perube, Florianopolis, Ilha Grande and Sweden.

This sci-fi adventure is exclusive to PC and has been released Steam on June 23, 2022. The Zille brothers – who previously worked in the advertising market and offered computer graphics services – dedicated five years to developing a game that combined their passion for recording nature with a puzzle narrative that tackled an important issue. Like preserving our biomes.

Some features of the game:

  • Conceived, but not only: created based on more than 15,000 original images of plants, insects and animals, taken in nature reserves in different places of the planet, the game faithfully recreates biomes such as tropical forests, temperate forests, deserts, tundra and many others. most of
  • Original Soundtrack: Big Earth is a beautiful platformer wrapped in a thoughtful soundtrack. The track is inspired by the scenarios of the game and helps create the perfect atmosphere to engage the player in the game experience. The soundtrack is entirely original and composed by Daniel Zille;
  • Adaptive HUD: Hide the interface (Heads-Up Display) and activate photo mode to capture and share the most beautiful moments in the game.

Awareness and discussion about environmental protection and care has always been important, and more than ever, this message cannot be missing from the game. It’s an ongoing discussion that deserves to be highlighted, and this interaction in games makes for a great way to introduce the topic.– said Daniel.

Learn more about the game on the PlayPlay Studios website, and be sure to try and marvel at this combination of real-life scenarios with computer graphics on Steam.

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