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while I was Brazil Game Show 2022, our late BGS, I was able to experience a game developed or in development by Brazilian studios. Games of the most diverse genres, visual styles and platforms, as well as being at different stages of development.

Here we’re going to list the main experiences I had at the fair, without ordering “best” or anything like that. The purpose here is to publicize the projects that caught my attention during the six days I spent at BGS, trying out games and talking to their developers. But enough talk, let’s get to the games!


We start our list with Drakantos which is an MMORPG style game. We spoke to Higor Antunes, game designer and producer from Drakantos, at his booth. The game, which has been in development since March 2022, has a pixelated art style very reminiscent of Tibia, but with much more animation, sound and motion effects.

But the interesting thing about Drakantos is that instead of the player choosing between classes, as is usually the case in MMORPGs in general, here he can choose between specific characters. Something that reminded me a bit of a trace Genshin influence, each character has their own moves and signatures, with 12 already available and plans for 21 before launch. The game is quite challenging and full of interesting mechanics. Drakantos will be released in October 2023 for PC (Steam) and mobile.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Farm your friends

This one has entered the indie aisle BGS 2022! Combining farm game elements with Consgrado Overcooked, Farm your friends is a project Play games Which pits players against the arena as… farmers? Well, a player’s goal Farm your friends It’s all about planting, watering, harvesting and selling vegetables faster than your opponents in fun chaos very reminiscent of the Chefs franchise.

as it is Overcooked, each stage has a specific theme that dictates the appearance of random events that serve mainly to frustrate the player. But there are also boxes that appear from time to time in levels to help farmers with offensive items to damage other people’s crops or defensive items to protect their creations. Farm your friends It is expected to be released on PC in 2023.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Goldilock One: The Mists of Jakaira

With the challenge that whoever beat the boss would take home a bottle as a gift to the studio Shadowphideas managed to attract the attention of those most eager for challenges BGS 2022. Reason? your game Goldilocks oneA third-person hack and slash style action RPG in which players must face giant monsters to survive, while recovering their memories to understand why they are in such an inhospitable region.

In addition to action-oriented combat with soul-like elements, Goldilocks one It strives to be a very challenging game for those who play it, including not only high-difficulty battles, but also puzzles to solve, powers to unlock, and interesting quests. The game, which is still in the early stages of development, will soon start crowdfunding for a PC release via Steam.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Kakele online

Kakele online This is probably one of the most famous games to be featured in the indie arena BGS 2022. The MMORPG, which is very similar to Tibia, has been on the market for several years now and already has its own legion of fans and influencers. The game is available for PC (via its own launcher and via Steam), as well as Android and iOS, and can be played on all platforms mentioned in cross-play.

Well themed with a retro 2D look, Kakele Drink lots of water of the shin Bringing fans a simple and fun RPG suitable for those who love old school adventure the most. Also, for crypto enthusiasts, Kakele It also jumped on this wave and incorporated a play-to-earn format into the game, with its own digital currency. The game currently has five different classes covering all the classic RPGS? A hunter, a barbarian, an alchemist, a warrior and a sorcerer.” The game is now available to play.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Pocket Courage

This was a very curious incident during the Indie Corridor at BGS 2022. Because there was no moment when I would walk down the hall and into the booth. Statera Studio It was empty. Reason? Well, the so-called fighting game Pocket Courage. Besides getting a lot of attention for its beautiful pixel art inspired by the “chibi” style, the game is still full of references to classic games like The King of Fighters and Street of Rage, although I remembered a little. A Scott Pilgrim game from a few years ago.

In Pocket Courage, we have a total of twelve playable characters, but according to the developer himself, the idea is to introduce even more fighters to the game soon. In addition, several game modes are included, such as traditional arcade mode, training, campaign, trial missions, survival mode, time trial and online matches. Pocket Courage It will be released in 2023 and will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Project colonies: MARS 2120

Even not being in the Indian gallery BGS 2022A QUbyte InteractiveHe knew that the Brazilian game publisher had its own stand at the exhibition. In it we can see some Project colonies: MARS 2120, who even published the full text here on the site. The game gained a lot of attention for being a Metroidvania that was well-grounded in the classic Metroids, but with a variety of inspirations that improved its offerings.

In the game you control Charlotte, a lieutenant colonel who must investigate why a human colony on Mars hasn’t sent news for weeks. One of the game’s main differences is its combat style, which is based on combos. Project colonies: MARS 2120 It’s in development and plans to start early access in late October on Steam. The full game is scheduled to launch in early 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games).

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

Super MomboQuest “2”

Created by already famous social networks Orube Game Studio, Super Mombo Quest Released in 2021 for various platforms, it was a huge success for its charismatic protagonist as well as its fluid and addictive adventure game gameplay. on BGS 2022 They were at an indie gallery showing the sequel to Super Mombo Quest.

The game is still in the early stages of development. But talk GeovannaResponsible Orube MarketingHe told us the promised news of the game. The first of them can be seen at the exhibition: A visual transition from pixel art to vector art, gives more fluidity to the purple hero. In addition, new stages, new enemies and ranking points will be the news of the game, which is planned for next year.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India represented at the fair!

Coming soon to our full conversation with Jeovanna and Orube here on the site, so stay tuned!

Bonus: Ravendawn Online

This game deserves our attention here, even though it doesn’t fit most of the requirements of this article. First one round was not in the Indian gallery as well QUbyte They had their own booth BGS 2022. In addition, its developer, Living Phoenix Entertainment Originally from Canada. However, as game developer Vitor told us in an interview, most of the Ravendown team is currently Brazilian.

But why does the game deserve to be on this list? Well, mostly for being an MMORPG in development for five years that drinks a lot from the source of the shin and Last online, combines the graphical identity of these two classic games with more modern gameplay, full of animation and dynamics. This is a project that in some points mentions the above Drakantosbut which is in the final stages of development. round It will be free and available for PC, with future plans for mobile.

BGS 2022 - Meet the main Brazilian India presented at the exhibition!

There are many other games!

These were just a few of the indie games available at the time BGS 2022. Many other titles were available at both the Indie Gallery and some of their booths. Even Nintendo itself had a section of their booth dedicated exclusively to Brazilian games that are already available for the Nintendo Switch, pretty cool right?

Now comment what you think of these games and especially who went to the show and enjoyed any other games not on this list!

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