Beware of human rights issues, World Cup sponsors are moving away from Qatar

However, the rich salary offered to others may be too great to refuse. Qatar has been writing the biggest sponsorship deals in the sport for years and it only grew with the approach of the World Cup. His biggest catch to date has been David Beckham, a former England star who, like Lineker, was in the hall when Qatar was chosen to host him in 2022.

Qatar’s multimillion-dollar deal with Beckham, who is also the owner and investor of a sports team whose fame goes beyond football, goes beyond the World Cup; It is, in many ways, a deal for the former England captain to support Qatar itself. This has led some people close to Beckham to personally express doubts about the nature of the agreement. “This is an agreement between the nation and the nation, and what they are doing is to promote and support it,” the expert said in his description of the agreement.

Beckham has not spoken publicly about what prompted the deal to be signed with Qatar, where he has been a frequent visitor since agreeing more than 18 months ago. His spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Beckham has so far avoided press coverage of the events in Qatar, which included an event with Afghan refugees; Qatar Airways promotional event; And appearing on a panel at the Doha Forum, a spectacular event that brings together business and political elites. However, he was not curious about the World Cup.

“It’s a big risk,” said Tim Crow, former CEO of Synergy, a firm that advises sponsors of Olympic and World Cups. “I was surprised that he decided to give up on something that is a big risk, especially for a guy who does not need money.”

Beckham’s relationship with Qatar may raise questions for his other partners, sportswear maker Adidas. The company provided some details about how it will strengthen its relationship with Beckham for the Qatar World Cup and only said that he is “a valuable, long-term member of the Adidas family and our partnership will continue.”

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