Better than LoL? Fangs, the Moba for PC by former Riot Games and PUBG Corp employees, arrives in Early Access this month ⋆

Last year, as reported here by MMORPGBR, some industry veterans who worked Riot games and then PUBG Corp.founded a new studio, the so-called hidden leaf gamesand confirmed that they were working on a new MOBA they named teeth🇧🇷 Yes, it looks like players will be able to enjoy this game soon. After all, the developers have already confirmed that the adventure will be available very soon through the Early Access mode… so let’s get into the details shall we?

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According to a press release signed by the folks at Hidden Leaf Games, the MOBA Fangs will launch on Steam and Epic Games via Early Access on November 30th. In the document, we mentioned the main points of the game and what the game will offer in the first moment. That is, those who decide to enjoy the game at this early stage will have access to beautiful 4v4 brawls, three different maps (each with unique objectives), and a team of fourteen heroes.

It is worth noting that the gameplay will be distinguished by elements that guarantee a high level of customization and a very strategic combat system. Recall that Fangs was inspired by the greatest games of this genre, but the developers confirmed that they removed everything that was not necessary in these “reference titles” and added innovations that they found interesting. In other words, everything indicates that fans of famous MOBAs will have the opportunity to experience a very promising game. And if you fit into this fanbase, we recommend visiting the game’s official pages on Steam and the Epic Games Store to keep up with all the details.

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