Bethesda: Domestic tensions rise over abortion issue

Bethesda is having internal problems due to growing tensions over the issue of abortion. According to some employees, the attitude of the company was not enough and they wished there was better support Availability of workers on protection of reproductive health. All this, of course, after the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the United States Supreme Court, which brought this whole mess up again.

This is a particularly pressing issue for many Starfield and Redfall developers who live in states like Texas where governments are about to pass very strict anti-abortion laws. Tensions rose as a heated debate erupted on the company’s Slack channels, with executives unable to satisfactorily address all open questions.

Of course, as a company made up of hundreds of people, there is a faction that welcomes the STF’s decision. Therefore, a clash is inevitable.Because that’s about it Such a sensitive issue. One message in particular, which Kotaku was able to read, caused quite a stir.: “I am disturbed by the constant invocation of the right to kill relatives. Overturning Roe v. Wade does not violate human rights, but restores those who cannot speak for themselves. ” The message also contains Eleven Bible Quotes.

A Bethesda executive ended the message by asking her to keep it Politics and Religion across the Channel “water cooler,” but the incident left its mark, especially because it came after many of the company’s women expressed dismay at management’s reluctance to stand up for reproductive rights.

Zenimax Group, now Xbox Game Studios, has multiple studios based in Texas: Bethesda Austin (Starfield), Arkane Austin (Redfall), and id Software. Naturally, officials fear the coming of a law banning all forms of abortion from the moment of conception, which is expected very soon.

Microsoft, the owner of Bethesda, has already announced will provide financial support For travel expenses for employees who have to have abortions in other states. The problem is that Microsoft and Zenimax are completely profit driven AutonomousThat is, the Redmond House policy does not apply to Zenimax studios.

Maintaining this autonomy is one of the reasons why some developers may leave Zenimax Studios. Their hope was to keep everyone under Microsoft’s rules.


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