Betagames Group responds to criticism of Indie 171 in a network post

Betagames Group, which developed the indie game 171, which was recently released in early access, has been the target of massive criticism and complaints online since its launch two days ago.

Brazilian game 171, “Brazilian GTA”, is gaining early access

The number of negative reactions to the project is so great that the group decided to publish a note in response to the public through its account. Twitter🇧🇷

In the long text, which is divided into five screens, the Brazilian studio’s team of professionals begins the announcement by thanking the community for its support with the release of the pre-alpha version of the game and begins to discuss the movement that has taken place. networks and who they feel victimized by.

“We do not understand why we have become the focus of a campaign to police our developers and creators, even for serious crimes such as embezzlement/fraud,” they wrote in the text.

The note states that “being an indie developer in Brazil is not easy” and states that “discrediting a sandbox project like Alpha de 171 with a team of 7 for two years is not taken seriously by those who make a living from it. This industry”. However, the game has been in production for more than 10 years, as previously reported by the makers.

Betagames Group emphasizes that the reduction in the use of third-party assets or production “shows a lack of knowledge of the game development market” and that the combination of purchased solution packages does not correspond to “20% of 171 today” and explains that the use of these resources implies “development the process used to implement that content’, such as ‘modifying, testing, adapting, optimizing and polishing the content’.

The team also disputes allegations that the crowdfunding campaign raised BRL 85,000 was only intended to “create a day and night game system”. “This may simply be a problem of textual interpretation on the part of the defendants,” the note said.

Professionals list the many stages and requirements necessary to produce a digital game and emphasize that the entire collection is fully utilized in production.

“All this requires the creation time and remuneration of the developers and those responsible for the work,” they estimate in a public response. “Contrary to popular belief, making an indie game isn’t just a collection of assets,” they said.

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