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ᲨCheck The best Android TV box The game Cloud games like XCloud and Geforce Now.

With the advent of cloud gaming services (Cloudy game) In Brazil, at the end of last year, many gamers connected the dots and thought: “What about the Android TV Box? It would be as if the Xbox Series X was paying very little. ”

When it works, hacking is like witchcraft, forcing someone to think about buying an Xbox or having a PC Gamer hidden somewhere behind the TV.

The question is, will it work? Yes, but it depends on many factors.

Cloud gaming + Android TV Box is the end of consoles?

For those who have just arrived in the gaming world and do not know how it works, this is something like this:

Diagram of how Xbox Cloud Gaming will work.

With high-speed Internet and cloud gaming services like Xcloud and Geforce Now, it is possible to send picture and sound of a game running on a server thousands of miles away directly to your mobile phone or TV screen. Similarly, technology can instantly send commands from your controller and give the impression that the game is running locally.

When it works, Cloudy game This is what impresses anyone. After all, the dream is to buy a device in the range of 300 to 400 rubles + Bluetooth controller and instantly have Xbox or PC Gamer games.

The question is when it works. There are no reports of people saying that the picture freezes or “black screen” when launching cloud gaming applications on the TV. This happens for a simple reason: There is no official support for TV Boxes.

Not all Android TVs work with Xcloud or Geforce Now

Anyone who has experienced a crash and frozen screens knows that not all TV Boxes work with cloud gaming services.

As you can see here, it makes no sense to look for specifications, Just test it in practice to see if it is compatible.

tv-box-android-best-cloud-gaming-xcloud-geforce-now-1-1024x576 Best TV BOX ANDROID for XCLOUD and GEFORCE NOW

With that in mind, we chose Best TV Box Current Which work with Geforce Now and Xcloud.

The TV boxes shown here are the best compatibility when editing this article.

At the end of the article you will find some settings that can still work in low resolution. We also end the list of compatible TV Boxes with reports from readers and Facebook in the Xcloud Brasil group.

We must remember that officially none of the Android TV Box or TV Stick is compatible with XCloud and Geforce Now services. Microsoft is even making its own device in “stick” format, which will be released soon.

Mi TV Box S 4K

The best TV Box today for XCloud and Geforce Now is the Mi TV Box S 4K.

Interestingly, this TV Box comes with Android 8.1 customized to look great with Google TV (with Android 9 upgrade). It has good compatibility with video streaming services and runs Xcloud and Geforce Now with absurd ease. It even looks like a running smartphone, so “light” that it can run apps.

Do not follow other older versions thinking about saving money, if you are going to buy it, buy it right away as it is the most compatible.

Older Xiaomi TV Boxes can even run, but after a few minutes of play, they get a bad image or are “stuck”.

Where to Buy Cheap Mi TV Box S 4K

Mi TV Stick 4K

Launched in February this year, Mi TV Stick 4K Is an option for those looking for a more cautious device.

In “Stick” or “pendrive” format, as many like it, the Mi TV Stick 4K is an improved version of the old Mi TV Stick that had only 1 GB of RAM.

With 2 GB of RAM, the newer version makes it easier to run services like Xcloud and Geforce Now.

For the rest, the settings and interface are quite similar to the Mi TV Box S 4K. But we must remember that Xiaomi TV Box will work better.

Where to Buy Mi TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick Is one of the “non-Android” devices that supports Xbox Cloud Gaming and Geforce Now. Its system is Fire OS, which is based on Android, so all games and apps will work, except for cloud games, of course.

Quite powerful, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the best option for those who shop at a physical store or on Amazon in Brazil.

Attention: When running the Xbox, Xcloud app, it shows errors that it does not have Google Play, etc. But just click OK and the app works without any problems.

The purchase recommendation is for the 4K version, which has already been updated. If you have an older version, it also works.

Where to Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

realme stick 4k

Xiaomi’s direct competitor Realme is not wasting time. The boys are already releasing a Realme TV Stick 4K Very similar to the Mi Stick 4K.

The hardware and interface are identical. Therefore, there is no difference in the performance of the games Cloudy game.

If you can not find the Mi Stick 4K, you can move it to Realme and the experience will be literally the same.

Where to Buy Realme TV Stick 4K

Old TV box

There are many old TV boxes on the market with processors like Amlogic S905W, Amlogic s905x3, S912 and many more.

How it works depends on each case.

Some will need to reset the Box to factory settings. In others it is necessary to update the software, it is a tedious and time consuming process.

For those who already have old TV boxes, here are some procedures you can do:

  1. If you’re using Xcloud, try using Microsoft Edge Browser.
  2. If that does not work, reset your TV Box to factory settings.
  3. If that also does not work, try switching to Developer Settings and enabling forced 2D rendering with GPU functionality. This option is only enabled when you enable USB debugging.

Xcloud compatible TV Box (by reports)

  • Sunvell T95 MAX
  • BTV BX B10
  • MXQ pro 4k 5G
  • Mecool KM2

As you can see in this article, it’s interesting because the compatibility of cloud games is quite random. This compatibility depends not only on the hardware but also on the software. There are many TV Boxes with powerful hardware but bad software that prevent Xcloud from running, even through a browser.

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