Best handheld console: 6 options beyond the Nintendo Switch

Although not primarily conceived as a handheld console, this feature of the Nintendo Switch has been very popular with the public.

It is not surprising that many video game owners use this option for their games, and the House of Mario even bets on the portable version of the platform, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Despite this, There are more mobile console options that you can enjoyr, some are available in the store and others you can buy used. That way, we’ve outlined six alternatives for Switch fans below. Check it out!

1. Steam deck

This list can’t start without today’s hottest laptop—after all, Steam Deck is literally “handheld computer” Which gives you access to virtually the entire list of games available on Valve’s service.

While not all titles on Steam are supported – at least not all of them are running at 100% utilization yet – it’s no wonder it’s caught on with the public’s taste for all the opportunities it’s had with PC owners . .

2. PSP

Although no longer producing or receiving games, Portable PlayStation Has a gigantic list of original titlesAlso remakes and adaptations of games straight from the original PlayStation.

Of course, part of the success of this portable console came not only from its library, but also from the ability to run games from other consoles through emulators.

Therefore, it is still possible to see people on public transport and other places enjoying what the island has to offer.

3. Nintendo DS Lite

Like other Nintendo handhelds, the Nintendo DS has received other versions over the years, one of which is the Nintendo DS Lite.

This edition is considered the best for two reasons: In addition to providing a battery with longer autonomy Compared to the original model, the greater brightness is due to the inclusion of Game Boy Advance games, which transforms the console into a “two-in-one” model thanks to this compatibility.

4. Supaboy

The Super Nintendo unfortunately went out of production a few decades ago. Of course, there is still the option of buying a used model online, and another option would be to use a portable console like the SupaBoy.

Available on the market for several years now, the SupaBoy allows you to play your cartridges from the comfort of your bed or on the go, and also has the ability to use a cable and connect to your TV.

5. Atari Flashback

Let’s continue this list with a portable console that promises to revive the memories of old gamers: the Atari Flashback.

Currently, this portable console is available in a version that Bring 70 Classic games in memory. Among the names found here Pitfall, Pac-Man And many others that really promise you many hours of gameplay.

6. Abernic RG503

Unlike the others we’ve featured in this article, the Anbernic RG503 is a notebook that’s completely focused on emulation.

With the help of this portable console, you can enjoy games from the most diverse platforms such as Nintendo 64, PSP, arcade, Neo Geo and many more. For those who like to remember the great classics, this can be a great solution.

And you, did you know all these laptops? Are there others that are your favorites? Share your message with other readers voxel Using our social networks.


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