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Virtual game stores have several promotions active this week. Among the hundreds of offers are excellent titles with aggressive discounts like the famous Japanese RPG Personality 5 And the franchise collection Batman Arkham. In the following rows I will bring four The best games you can buy for up to R $ 50 this weekA brief overview of each.

Persona 5, Batman: Arkham Collection, Wolfstride and Prey (Photo: Handout / Atlus / Warner Bros./Raw Fury / Bethesda)

Personality 5 (2017) – BRL 39.95

Persona 5 (Photo: Publicity / Atlus)
Persona 5 (Photo: Publicity / Atlus)

On the PlayStation Store, the famous Japanese RPG Personality 5 go out BRL 39.95 Until 26 May. In a turn-based battle, you must pick up a secret identity and join a team of teenage ghost thieves. Your mission is to purify the hearts of corrupt adults with the help of magical and powerful spirits – persons.

Until you fight to save and liberate young people enslaved by toxic people, you have to live with the reality of a high school student. It is important to make connections with other students and strengthen those relationships in the process.

Even those who do not like traditional turn-based RPGs will fall in love with the Persona franchise. If you have a PS4 or PS5 at home, this game is a must have for your catalog.

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Batman: Arkham Collection (2018) – BRL 23.80

Batman: Arkham Knight (Photo: Handout / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Batman: Arkham Knight (Photo: Handout / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

In the Xbox Store, the franchise collection Batman Arkham Just worth it BRL 23.80 Until 16 May. This pack includes three complete Bat games, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City And Arkami Knight. Ah, the collection also releases all the DLC that has been released for games to date.

For those who love action games or are just a fan of the Dark Knight, the Arkham trilogy is full. Rocksteady Games tells the stories Batman has never seen before and brings high quality gameplay, with combinations of martial arts, fast motion and a variety of equipment.

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wolfstride (2021) – BRL 26.99

Wolfstride (Photo: Murilo Tunholi / Tecnoblog)
Wolfstreet (Photo: Raw Fury)

Nintendo Switch eShop, Brazilian RPG wolfstride Is leaving BRL 26.99 Until 18 May. It is inspired by the retrofuturistic manga and contains turn-based battles. The story revolves around a trio of former criminals who participate in giant robot combat tournaments to win big money.

Here, Technoblog We have already talked in detail about Wolfstreed. In our review, we highlight the flawless and original art style, unlike everything to date. The appearance of the game is very reminiscent of Shinichiro Watanabe – the creator of such series as Cowboy Bibop, Samurai Shampoo And Cosmic Dandy.

Wolfstride also captures attention with giant robot battles, charismatic characters, and a soothing jazz soundtrack. Because it is produced by Brazilians, the game is in Portuguese and has some references to our country.

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Price (2017) – Free!

Predator (Photo: Handout / Bethesda Softworks)
Predator (Photo: Handout / Bethesda Softworks)

On the computer, a horror game Price Maybe Redeemed for free At Epic Games Store until May 19th. This week, you do not need to pay a single penny to get a lot of the intimidation of exploring an alien-occupied space station. Most importantly, the game will stay in your library forever after redemption.

The game takes place in 2032 and takes you to Talos 1, the space station responsible for a series of experiments in orbit around the moon. The situation becomes dangerous when UFOs control the ship and try to kill you.

As with other survival games, Prey offers a variety of tools, weapons, and skills that are useful during the campaign. The game is very popular with critics and collects 82 Metacrit.

Tuberculosis Conclusions: A Real Course of Offers, Without a Tail (Photo: Guilherme Reis / Tecnoblog)
Tuberculosis Conclusions: A Real Course of Offers, Without a Tail (Photo: Guilherme Reis / Tecnoblog)

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