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It’s been a long, long wait Bayonetta 3 It arrived exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, but now that the game is finally among us, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan of The Witcher who wouldn’t say it wasn’t worth every second of the wait. One of the best games of 2022 – and, why not, the entire Big N’s hybrid console library – the end of the trilogy is simply a must for those who love action games. Find out in our full review below!

Bayonetta in the Multiverse of Madness

The plot of the first two games wasn’t the easiest in the world to follow, but it ended up being amazing enemy designs and, most importantly, absolutely charismatic heroes and supporting players. Bayonetta 3 Keeps the virtues and brings a slightly more enjoyable plot so that even newcomers don’t have a hard time understanding what’s going on. After all, the narrative is now multiverse-centric, one of the hottest topics of the moment.

Instead of opposing angels and demons, this time the enemies are the new homunculi, creatures created by mankind and led by the mysterious Singular. Very early in the campaign you’re also introduced to a new character, Viola, so you don’t need a PhD in the series to keep up with these events.

On second thought, maybe “quiet” isn’t the most appropriate word here, as the opening hours of the story offer one of the most iconic and haunting openings I’ve seen in any video game. The game gets both feet in the door, and its opening sequence introduces the new controls very well, while blinding the player with an avalanche of action that no one should miss. Prepare your breathing well, because the first two hours are especially tense and amazing!

Is the action too much for the Switch?

I’ve never been a “digital foundry guy” and maybe because I grew up on Nintendo and its slow and flashy games, I’ve historically had a hard time bothering with technical stuff. Still, it’s hard to see everything Bayonetta 3 Try doing it on screen and stop imagining what the result will be on more powerful hardware…

In terms of story, direction, and gameplay, the adventure combines some of the most memorable segments I’ve ever seen, but that’s to the detriment of the hardware, not because of it. Sometimes things are so blurry that I felt myopic at the screen, trying to figure out what was going on as the whole world exploded around me.

It’s not something that ruins the experience, but the overall impression is that both the first and second games offered a more polished and cohesive experience than their respective generations and consoles. Anyway, it’s pretty hard for you to miss a command just because of that, so the console limitation is just a bit of an aesthetic inconvenience and nothing more.

Release your demons!

Perhaps the blurry graphics are the price we have to pay for the Switch to be able to withstand the gigantic powers of the wizard, who now has an even bigger and more varied arsenal of moves, including summons that can be done in real time. from your combinations!

You can still torture your enemies and string together a nice climactic finish, but now just press the ZR button to chain combos with creatures that take up almost the entire screen! And they are quite varied, from giant spiders to a train that you can draw tracks for and run over all the enemies that are unlucky enough to get in your way.

More or less, as it happened in the beautiful Devil May Cry 5, here you also have different playable characters, but the variety is even greater. Newcomer Viola wields her katana and Cheshire Demon in more rhythmic, parry-focused combat, while fan-favorite Fairytale Jeanne takes part in themed stages that pay homage to the classics. Elevator operation. The tribute, by the way, is not lacking here. Unfortunately, embargo guidelines allow me to name some of the coolest, but pop culture fans will definitely love these moments!

In addition to the different difficulty levels that are immediately available, the replay factor remains high as you can revisit the level you want to find the highest score, with each action segment awarding different medals depending on how long it took you. overcome.challenges and how much damage he suffered. It’s always fun to improve yourself!

in the name of the moon

in the footsteps of his predecessors, Bayonetta 3 Still delivering a brilliant soundtrack. If in the first game Fly me to the Moon was the main song, and the second bet on the legendary Moonriver, now it’s time for the timeless ballad Moonlight Serenade to be the northern role of the tunes that are packed for the action of the magician.

It’s wonderful how music from so many years ago merges with new and exciting genres, combining the liveliest pop with epic orchestrations when it’s time to meet the grown-ups. Speaking of the voice, despite all the controversies brought up by former Bayonetta voice actress Helena Taylor, the talented Jennifer Hale is very good in the lead role, and is very good with the other characters – although I always prefer the original vocal work in Japanese.

And speaking of characters, the last part of the story has some potential to polarize people and cause mixed reactions, although the conclusion was quite satisfying, especially considering that, as I said at the beginning of this analysis, much of the text is about multifaceted and different abilities. But do you know the constant? Whichever world you visit, it’s an uplifting and fun game from start to finish of its 14-hour campaign.


Bayonetta 3 It is an exemplary game. Flawless in terms of action, this is one of Platinum Games’ best works in its entire history, one of the great exclusive games on Nintendo Switch, and a strong contender for the best game of 2022. Limited only by the console’s dated hardware, the game still delivers big doses of adrenaline in unforgettable stages. The journey from start to finish is an absolute delight and teaches game design. If this is the last we see of Bayonetta at her own game, she couldn’t have asked for a better farewell.

Bayonetta 3 is one of the best action games ever made and it delivers all that and more to its fans.

Bayonetta 3 was provided by Nintendo for this review.

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