Battlefield 3: Reality Mod will bring a new experience to the game starting July 17th

The developers promise a lot of news about the classic

After seven years of development, A reality mod for Battlefield 3 It will be released this week. from the day July 17, players will be able to have a “more realistic experience” in the DICE-developed game. The mode focuses on “team play, communication and combined arms,” ​​creating “immersive gameplay” in the EA game.

The mod is inspired by the mod of the same name, but in the Battlefield 2 version. According to the official website, BF3: RM is “set in the real world, from the end of the Cold War to the conflicts of modern times.” .

We want to create an environment where one must depend on other team members to succeed, not just on one’s own skills. We want players to feel that by completing small tasks in the grand scheme of things, they are contributing to victory. Your team and each kit is a useful tool to achieve the goal.

In our opinion, immersion is a state of mind when you are completely immersed in the game and think about nothing else. Thanks to the graphics engine and players with a unique planning style, each combat situation is unique, intense and immersive” – ​​official page

– Continues after commercial –

The biggest modifications of the mod are: UI and gameplay redesigned, graphical improvements, servers with more than 100 players, VOIP, new textures, models, maps and modes, in addition to dynamic weather with day and night clicks. It took seven years of development by more than 30 people in 14 countries to create all this.

Mod requires base game and DLCs

It’s impossible to modify Battlefield and Reality Mod using Venice Unleashed, Frostbite’s modding tool for the DICE graphics engine used in the game (and several other EA games).

Thus, Battlefield 3: Reality Mod will not use the official servers of the game, but its own servers with support of more than 100 players. To play the mod, you must have the base game and all DLCs. The Venice Unleashed tool you need to download to play BF3:RM checks Origin to see if the player has the game.


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