Battlefield 2042 promises big changes and the return of the class system

Specialists in the game will have more recognizable roles during battles and will receive a few adjustments

In an update posted on its official blog on Tuesday (23), DICE confirmed that it is continuing Working on major changes for Battlefield 2042. The next big transformation the game will receive involves its expert system, which will be Reworked to be more like classes Suggested by previous titles in the series.

As the developer explains, the available options will not disappear, but will disappear be organized into four distinct classes. In doing so, they should begin to identify more with the types of things and equipment they will be able to use that they Facilitate understanding of the role expected of each of them on the battlefields.

DICE explains that while Battlefield 2042’s current system gives the player a lot of freedom, it also Makes it hard to know what to expect from enemies and allies. From the proposed changes, players will have a clearer idea of ​​​​how to confront the enemy engineer or support, while knowing what actions they can take when their combat companions are in danger.

Battlefield 2042 classes will have special equipment

Along with the reorganization of the operators, the developer too Changed the game’s equipment selection system. When choosing a class, the player is limited to a specific set of accessories, but will always have the necessary equipment to fulfill his role – an engineer, for example, You will never run out of car repairs.

DICE claims that There is no intention to change the type of weapon used by each operator And that all proposed changes are accompanied by adjustments to the game’s menu and interface. The company writes about this in its official blog I want to hear feedback from the audience About how to organize lessons and how you can change specialists to better fit a particular category.

The prediction is that the new system will become in turn Debuting in Battlefield 2042 Season 3Which should be released in the game at the end of 2022. In the future, the company also plans to make changes to the operator’s visuals, balance adjustments and other improvements that will transform the game into the experience it failed to deliver. launch.

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