Battlefield 1 outnumbers Battlefield 2042 players by almost 10 times

A recent promotion on Steam helped boost the game’s numbers on PC

Released in October 2016, Battlefield 1 is once again the most popular game in the series on Steam during the last weekend. Over the past three days 51 thousand people Gathered to test the game from DICE, and nearly 10x the installed base, which is still tied to Battlefield 2042 matches, according to SteamDB data.

Revival of the game Not necessarily due to dissatisfaction with the current version, but with a big discount promoted by Electronic Arts. Until 2pm this Monday (7), the game can be purchased on Steam for 88% off. R$ 23.88 for Brazilian players.

The cost is quite low considering that outside of the promotional period, Battlefield 1 still costs R$ 199.00 in the Valve store. The game was released exclusively on Steam in 2020 and still has open servers and a dedicated community, and also introduces a full campaign mode not featured in the latest installment in the series.

Battlefield 1 is very different from Battlefield 2042

Although quite old, Battlefield 1 may bring attractions that are more interesting than Battlefield 2042. In addition to having a smaller number of bugs, it also brings an environment related to the events of the First World War, leaving aside the more modern environment of the game, which was released in late 2021.

The game also stands out Brings much more positive reviews than the latest versionIt holds an average score of 88 for its PC version on Metacritic. As a result, many gamers who bought it on impulse during the promotional period may have encountered a An old experience, but more fun at the same time.

Even without considering the recent outbreak in your community, Battlefield 1 already had an average player comparable to Battlefield 2042 in recent months. While the latest game may not be as popular as Electronic Arts had hoped, the company continues to invest in it in hopes of rebuilding fan trust and growing its active player base.

According to Electronic Arts, the confusion surrounding the future of Call of Duty could help Battlefield

According to Electronic Arts, the confusion surrounding the future of Call of Duty could help Battlefield
Andrew Wilson believes that consumers may prefer the franchise because it is available on all platforms


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