Baseball: Trevor Bauer has been suspended for two years

That was before his biggest dreams came true and before his career was ruined. It was Trevor Bauer three years ago, at a dinner in a Cleveland suburb, where he described the forces that drove him.

“I want to be a billionaire,” Bauer said, just like you can order a sandwich. “Not because I’m interested in money, just because it is the highest level of achievement in the business world. This is a sign of a successful business person. So I want to do this just to do it.

“I want to win three Sai Yang to do that. I want to win world series to do that. When I went to college, I wanted to win the Golden Spikes Award, and when I won, I said, ‘OK, wonderful,’ and I moved on to the next issue. This is part of what makes me somewhat unhappy in my life, is that I do not celebrate my successes. “I’m just moving on.”

Bauer would win his first Cy Young Award next year, for Cincinnati, and then sign a three-year, $ 102 million contract with his hometown team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in February 2021. And may not spin for a long time.

Baseball Premier League suspended Bauer for two years on Friday for violating the league’s domestic violence and sexual violence policies. The suspension covers 324 games, free of charge, and applies to the 2024 season. Bauer, 31, has been on paid administrative leave since July 2 last year, and because he failed to reach an agreement on the fine, he was not granted credit for irreversible service time.

“Most firmly, I deny any breach of the League’s domestic violence or sexual assault policy,” Bauer said in a statement. “I appeal to this action and I expect it to win. “Throughout this process, I and my representatives respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.”

Under a joint policy with the MLB union that began in 2015, the player is subject to discipline by Commissioner Rob Manfred for a “just cause”, even without a conviction or a guilty plea. Bauer’s ban is the longest of the 16 players suspended under this policy, and he will be the first to apply for arbitration. No hearing date has been set.

Bauer was investigated by the Pasadena Police Department after a woman accused him of assaulting him during sex in Pasadena, California, early last season. Prosecutors in February decided not to prosecute Bauer, who this week filed a defamation and misconduct lawsuit against his defendant and his lawyer.

Bauer’s defendant requested a temporary restraining order against him last June, but a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge overturned it in August, calling some aspects of the request “materially misleading.” The judge noted that the photos of the woman’s injuries were “horrible”, but found that Bauer did not go beyond the limits of the rough sex imposed by the woman.

The baseball investigation covered not only the incident, but also last summer, The Washington Post, which described in detail how an Ohio woman demanded a protection order against Bauer after he was beaten and strangled during sex. Bauer called this report a mistake. The third indictment was published by The Post on Friday.

MLB’s statement on Friday did not specify how Liga Bauer set out a joint policy. But it is an official statement that Bauer, for the time being, is barred from participating in the league, which he has chosen as a vessel for his life ambitions.

Some of his goals, Bauer argued, were designed to help develop the game; If he was just for himself, he argued, otherwise why would he be so public about his training methods? He was indeed an early adapter and avid promoter that used technology to improve pitch design and increase speed. Early in his career, he spent $ 30,000 on a high-speed camera system to use for personal training.

“The value of an opportunity without investing is far greater than the value of investing,” Bauer explained in 2015. “And of course, he became very rich and many of his training tools became the mainstay.”

Bauer also referred to himself as against the oppressive allegiance to the Crusades baseball traditions. On Thursday he Posted a video From a Pittsburgh perspective, O’Neill Cruz celebrates Homer with a hammer blow and wrist check – Is it time to finish the game? Is it time to call? – On his trot. Bauer announced Cruz as the final winner of his competition, which rewards small leagues for doing cool things. (He did not use the word “goods.”)

“He turned a boring Homer into a small league that no one could see as a shared moment that everyone now sees,” Bauer said in his post. “It costs $ 2,500.”

Of course, Bauer also makes a profit by sharing Cruz Homer: in the post, he wears a headscarf with his personal logo, which sells for $ 25.95 on Bauer’s personal website. This item is for sale now, but the site has a $ 32.99 t-shirt in stock with this timeline: Bring Bauer Back.

Manfred responded to that complaint with a resounding no on Friday. Over the next two years – with the exception of a successful appeal – Bauer would have to spend his billion dollars outside of MLB. It will take a lot of t-shirts to get there.

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