Back to Monkey Island, or Why Can’t We Have Cool Stuff?

We live in a special moment in the gaming industry. Thanks to digital distribution, games are much more accessible today than in the past, studios can fund their productions with the help of the public, and contact with developers has become much easier. However, this proximity has also opened up space for attacks by “fans” and people associated with game development. Back to Monkey Island were affected by it.

Credit: Disclosure/Horror Toy Box

As the name of the Ron Gilbert-developed game suggests, it will be a return to one of the most beloved franchises of all time. However, what was born as the unlikely realization of a dream soon showed just how rotten those who claim to be passionate about gaming can be.

Although critical of the artistic direction Back to Monkey Island Done right after the game was announced, things took a turn for the absurd recently when Devolver Digital released a trailer with a snippet of gameplay.

Unlike the previous chapters, the new style created by Rex Crowley (It was a big planet, tearful, Knights and bicycles) has led some to compare the game to children’s fairy tales or that it is more like a Guacamele! than real Monkey Island. However, the criticism did not stop there.

According to Gilbert, after the trailer aired, several people protested the change on his personal blog, with some even launching personal attacks on the game designer and his team. In response to the abuse she received, she decided to close the comments and take an even more forceful stance.

“It’s a fantastic game and everyone on the team is proud of it,” Ron Gilbert said in a post that has since been deleted. “Play it or not, but don’t spoil it for others. I won’t post more about the game. The fun of sharing [sobre o desenvolvimento] They took it from me.”

Back to Monkey Island

Credit: Disclosure/Horror Toy Box

Gilbert’s displeasure with the way some people treated Crowley’s work had been voiced earlier. In early May, he published a text in which, in addition to praising his companion, he said that he wanted the new game to have “provocative, shocking art and something that not everyone expected.”

Furthermore, the creator of the franchise was quite clear when he said that “ Return to Monkey Island may not have the art style you want or wanted, but it has the art style I want.” It’s ironic for him to see that the people who don’t want him to make the game he wants are the ones who are often called hardcore fans of the series.

Saying he was frustrated by the comments he was receiving and the unwitting pressure to make the game that some people wanted him to make, Gilbert even hinted that he might end the development diary. For him, if the community allows him to promote (and create) what excites him, people will love the game that Terrible Toybox produces.

Guybrush Threepwood voice actor Dominic Armato was used to defend the team Your Twitter account To say he played a bit Back to Monkey Island And he loved what he saw. He also made an interesting (and even somewhat obvious) comment, saying that trying to make these professionals’ work into something they don’t enjoy will inevitably result in a product that no one will like.

Another who also sympathized with Gilbert was Jonathan Ackley, who headed the development team. The Curse of Monkey Island. Dave Grossman (the co-creator of the new game) sees a person complaining about Dave Grossman’s schedule, Ackley said that, in my own experience, criticism of art style changes in franchise sequels is “a time-honored tradition”.

Credit: Disclosure/Horror Toy Box

I won’t even touch on the merits of those who make personal attacks on a developer for whatever reason, simply because I believe that such an attitude is not even worth discussing. As for those who position themselves as minimally civilized and claim to prefer the style of the first games, I understand that sentiment, if only because there is a strong nostalgia to it.

I myself am passionate about pixelart and given the power of the current machines, I have no doubts Back to Monkey Island It will be beautiful if it is done like this. However, this does not mean that I did not like the style proposed by Rex Crowley and adopted by Gilbert. Actually, I thought it was all very nice, but I don’t think that’s the point.

What I find most important about this whole story is how some people think they have the right to dictate how entertainment should or shouldn’t be produced. This arrogance is repeated more and more often, the so-called

Yes, it’s obvious that if it weren’t for those who claim to be the biggest fans of the game, movie, or band, the artists might not even be able to bring their ideas to life. However, without the prior consent of the author, this does not give them the right to refer to the project and determine which paths it should follow.

Well, public complaints have already saved some works from what would likely have been catastrophic consequences. Sonic: The Movie This is an example. However, I still maintain that the director’s word should be sovereign, he should make the consequences of his decisions, that is, a possible commercial failure.

When you see situations like Back to Monkey Island It’s gone, I have a feeling that most of the criticism of something that hasn’t come out yet is just because of some people’s idea of ​​superiority. These are attacks launched by a small – but noisy – group, who are always ready to give their wallets to guarantee their illusory “I’m more of a fan than everyone else” status.

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