Back from the dead? The Evolve Stage 2 servers are back up and running and no one can tell you why

2K Games guarantees that it has not performed any maintenance on the game that was offline in 2018

Four years after 2K Games Shut down the Evolve Stage 2 serversA free version of the title developed by Turtle Rock, players have discovered that They started working again. While the Legacy version of the game retained peer-to-peer functionality after its discontinuation, the latest release Only allowed to play against bots since it was taken down in 2018.

According to PC Gamer, it is the changes in the Legacy version that could lead to the return of Stage 2’s online features. In June of this year, the community dedicated to the classic game discovered that The game server that handled the matchmaking has gone down and continued to pressure 2K Games to restore it.

The company ended up with fan requests and, apparently unintentionally, Also rebuilt the Evolve Stage 2 servers in the process. “I played by myself with a few members of my server. Since 2018, this has become impossible”, explains Pinocchioh, server administrator for Discord Evolved Reunited 2.0.

2K Games says it hasn’t made any changes

PC Gamer also ran some tests on the Evolve Stage 2 and confirmed this The game servers are back up and working properlyAnd you can even use its arcade mode. Despite this, The game is not listed on steam yet And while its official page can be accessed via a direct link, there’s no way for new players to link the title to their accounts.

The situation becomes particularly strange considering that According to 2K Games, no changes have been made to the game’s servers. In a message to PC Gamer, the company confirmed that it has rebuilt the structure of Evolve Legacy, but Did not make any changes to the game in free format.

– Continues after commercial –

whatever happened A small community still devoted to the game marks the change and plans to repopulate Evolve’s servers. Hopefully this will convince 2K Games to re-list the game on Steam.which allows more people to try it, even in environments where there will no longer be updates or active official support.

With the return of the servers, Evolve Stage 2 had a A 544% increase in players from last week’s peak, which reached 1,192 people. After years of blocking access to the game’s main modes, the community seems determined to show the publisher that there is still a demand – and perhaps a future – for the title.


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Source: PC Gamer


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