Aurora Collection: Logitech introduces a new range of keyboards, mice and headsets for gamers

The company claims that the product was created on the basis of inclusiveness

THE Logitech announced the launch this Tuesday (26). Aurora Collection line of accessories, which promises to be the most inclusive in the company’s history. In this case, it refers to the face More diverse color schemes and design options designed for different body types – which also comes with higher prices.

According to Logitech, all accessories are designed to offer “Comfort, affordability and fun“, with Direct feedback from the female gaming community. Among the news there is a new one Blue VO!CE G735 Headphonewhich brings sound modulation systems, 2.4 GHz wireless connection And a battery that promises Use 56 hours (while the side LEDs are off).

cost estimate $229The device can also be customized with different colored pads and a microphone Packs sold separately for $19.99. This is the common theme of the Aurora collection: every device belongs to it Some customization is included For which you have to pay quite high amounts.

Line brings two new keyboards

Aurora line also brings G715 keyboards ($199.99) and G713 ($179.99), the first of which is completely wireless and the second with a USB cable. With colors that combine blue, pink and white, The devices come with a wrist guard that mimics the look of a cloud – and which can be purchased separately for $19.99.

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Finally, Logitech also offers The G705 mouse is designed specifically for people with small hands. With a weight of 85 grams and six programmable buttons, the mouse is completely wireless and has Internal battery that guarantees up to 40 hours of continuous use With RGB lighting, all at a suggested price $99.99.

Accessories of the Aurora line are complemented by a Carrying bag ($39.99), a USB-C to USB-A cable ($9.99), a mouse pad ($29.99), Keys in three different colors ($39.99) and top plates for keyboards ($19.99 each). The devices have already been ordered in the United States, where A complete collection ends up around $500 — which doesn’t exactly make it inclusive.

So far, the response to the new accessories has been mixed: while sites like The Verge praise Logitech’s proposal, The lack of models and the high price of entry were heavily criticized. “If your target audience can’t buy a product or use it for the same amount of time as something cheaper, then how inclusive or accessible is it really?“- asks the car.


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Source: Engadget, The Verge


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