[Atualizado] Fall Guys: Users complain about unwanted automatic purchases from the game store

Fall Guys players are reporting an in-game store bug that is forcing them to buy items they intended to see, and Mediatonic is denying refunds.

An issue reported by over 70 users in various Reddit threads (via VGC) occurs when a player views an item autumn boys.

Normally, players would have to confirm a purchase, but now they are reporting that their currency is on the item without the player confirming it.

A video posted by user u/DerpyDog24 appears to show the problem in action. When a user clicks on an item with the intention of viewing it, the purchase is automatically completed.

The user tried to connect to Mediatonic. The answer was not what he expected.


Thank you for your message.

Please allow me to correct something.

You have stated that this is a “mistaken purchase” and a “known issue”. None of this is the case.

The purchase was made by you, not a defect. Whether it was intentional or not, it still is.

This is not a “known issue” because there is no problem. Items cannot be purchased automatically by the system, they always require player input. Again, by accident or not, you made that entry and purchased the item.

Subject to our terms, which you have agreed to, all purchases are final and non-refundable.

I apologize for any confusion this has caused and I hope I have cleared this up for you.

according to


Fall Guys player support

In response to the alleged email, several users are reporting on Reddit that going directly to Epic Games, which owns Mediatonic, is also not working.

Update: Mediatonic apologized on social media and promised to refund the money.

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