Astros Jeremy Pena does not want to be Carlos Correa

Penia’s legacy of baseball is unmistakable. He was born in 1997 in Santo Domingo, the baseball capital of the Mad Dominican Republic. His father, Jeronimo, played part of seven seasons with St. Louis and Cleveland, his last season being in 1996. Although Jeremy had never seen his father play, he grew up knowing everything about this life.

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“Every time at breakfast, dinner or lunch, we always sat at the table for an extra 45 minutes, just talking about her or what she or my mother had to go through,” Penia said. “They are just doing everything they can to convey to us.”

When Jeremy was 12, the pennies moved to Providence, RI, after an aunt who was already there. Penia did not speak English. He said it was difficult at first, but it was a large Dominican population and it had teachers who also spoke Spanish.

“I learned a lot on the baseball field,” he said. “My teammates were bilingual and taught me the basics and I would use it at school. “We went back and forth for a year and a half and I was already having full conversations.”

True, then skinny and small, Penny was not the much-advertised prospect of a classic high school when the Atlanta Braves chose her in the 39th round of the 2015 draft. He did not sign and instead attended the University of Maine. He said the cold climate and the removal of snow from the meadow created a character while allowing him to grow. (He also ate more and started lifting weights.) Three years later, Astros picked him by the 102nd draft pick.

After dealing with shin splints and a juvenile first season, Penny went to a private training facility outside Boston, where some of the major league players visited to, in her words, get her body in order. The penny is now listed at 6 feet and 202 pounds, showing the extra strength and speed that helped him shoot the minors. He tried to model his game style, he said, after former Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

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