Assassin’s Creed was what Metal Gear Solid 4 should have been, says Kojima

If we talk today Assassin’s Creed or Metal Gear Solid 4We know that both titles are prestigious and have made an impact on the gaming industry. But Hideo Kojima, creator of the spy game franchise, thinks the Ubisoft title was everything he wanted to do but thought impossible at the time.

This was published in the channel’s new investigative video Did you know the game?The Japanese developer made the announcement in 2009. In it, he explains that the Ubisoft game was his favorite at the time. “I think [Assassin’s Creed] It was brilliant because it really spread the basic concept which MGS4 At first I had: how could you go somewhere in the environment and also climb somewhere, run somewhere,” he said.

Ubisoft’s title came out a year before Konami’s game, and it took its toll on the team’s morale. “We gave up because it was too difficult, but when Assassin’s Creed It turned out, we saw that they got what we originally wanted. I have to say that my team and I were really lost within three days of its release,” Kojima explained.

This was not the only sudden change in the game. According to the developer, he and his team had very ambitious ideas, such as having size maps GTABut the PlayStation 3’s limitations were more than expected, thanks to a change in the original vision.

“At first we only heard rumors about the console – that it could do anything, that it was a monster machine. So we made our dreams really big because we believed it could do anything,” he said. “But when we actually saw the device, of course there were a lot of limitations and there were things we could and couldn’t do. It wasn’t about the power of the PS3, it was about us dreaming too much.”

Even though Kojima and his team’s original vision didn’t come to fruition, we still got a game that marked a generation and is still loved by fans to this day. And while the unreleased title doesn’t appear to be in the near future, recent rumors suggest that Konami is set to release remastered versions of the first games in the series. Metal Gear Solid.

From Ubisoft’s side, the company announced no less than five new ones Assassin’s Creed This weekend, with quite a variety of styles, including one that should return to the franchise’s roots.

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