Assassin’s Creed Origins and more

New free games are packed Amazon Prime Gaming launches in September 2022. Among the highlights, an action-adventure title from Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Origins, the result of a long partnership between the companies, brings an original game that explores the desert sands of ancient Egypt. other free game It is for September Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor Game of the Year EditionPerfect for fans of Middle-earth watching the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (09/02/2022) date Premier video.

Amazon Prime Gaming launches in September 2022

The seven titles that accompany Prime Gaming in Septemberand which are included in the subscription package for members Amazon Prime – as well as Prime music This is Prime Reading. Among the games available to download for free with an Amazon Prime subscription are: Assassin’s Creed Origins, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition, Dig, Protect the Rook, we. Revolution, Castle on the beach and Word of the Law: Mask of Death Collector’s Edition.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Source: Steam

To access and enjoy them on your PC as the next platform games Prime Gaming Exclusive to PC, you must enter your Amazon login on the Prime Gaming website and redeem one of the following available titles. Monthly subscribers are also given various bundles of additional content, among other gifts. Enjoy!

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Discover the origin Brotherhood of Assassins in Assassin’s Creed OriginsAn immersive game in which you will be immersed in a vast and intriguing Ancient Egypt. Climb the pyramids, swim the Nile River and challenge wild beasts and ancient factions to uncover the secrets of this ancient land.

Rating on Metacritic: 84%

Publisher: Ubisoft

launch: 27.10.2017

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition

In MordorFight and discover the truth about many legendary facts, including Genesis Rings of Power. In this sweeping adventure set as a new historical chapter in Middle-earth, your role is to forge your own legend and face evil. Sauron.

Middle-earth: shadow of mordor amazon prime gaming releases in September 2022
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Source: Steam

Rating on Metacritic: 84%

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment

launch: 30/09/2014


The oldest game of the list is also somewhat interesting. Reliving the heyday of gaming adventures (or famous Point and clickor you prefer to call it), embark on an epic and unknown adventure to stop a giant asteroid that is heading towards the planet. Earth.

game Steven Spielberggives Luke’s art, Dig It will put you in the role of a NASA veteran Boston Low, take on a very important mission and save the planet. However, even after the goal is achieved, the investigation of this rocky surface that almost destroyed the world will reveal itself as one of the most clear scientific mysteries ever known.

Rating on Metacritic: 7.6 (Note from users)

producer: Luke’s art

launch: 30/11/1995

Protect the Rook

In this strategic and tactical combat game, defend your territory and destroy the hordes of invaders who want to destroy your peace. In Protect the RookYou will use various tactical elements such as building towers, defending yourself from enemies and casting devastating spells.

Rating on Metacritic: 80% (pure Nintendo, Nintendo Switch version)

producer: Goblinz Publishing / Maple Whispering

launch: 26/10/2021

we. Revolution

Play the role of a judge Revolutionary court And dive into the bloody world French revolution in this game Clabater. Preside over complex cases and deliver judgments between ordinary citizens, enemies of the revolution and dangerous criminals. Political intrigue can also be a solution in this game, in which the role is not to lose yourself.

we. Revolution is a game with a unique and distinctive visual style that combines tactical case-building strategy with turn-based gameplay.

Rating on Metacritic: 75%

producer: Clabater

launch: 03/21/2019

Castle on the beach

Another game Clabater, is now more focused on the sport of parkour. In Castle on the beach, you run and jump, perform spectacular acrobatic moves, in a world whose retro 3D environment is completely hand-drawn. Also take the opportunity to explore the crystal caves, stunning dimensions and halls with many stones.

Rating on Metacritic: 85% (computer hacking)

producer: Clabater

launch: 12/02/2021

Word of the Law: Mask of Death Collector’s Edition

as a detective FBISKSpecializing in connection Serial killers, you will have to investigate many crimes and mysteries of the municipal government. Use the clues to your advantage and train your brain to solve a series of murders in this game Point and click Full of challenging puzzles.

Rating on Metacritic:-

producer: DominiGames

launch: 01/11/2022

More content on Prime Gaming in September 2022

In addition to full games, Amazon Prime Gaming Also published a list of news that awaits you in the month of September on the platform.

  • September 2: Call of Duty: Vanguard / Warzone – World Series of Warzone Pack;
  • September 6: Legends of Runeterra – Rare Prism Chest and Epic Wild Card; RDO – “Prospector Jig” Emote, “Traveling Opulence 1” outfit for Cripps, 25 capital and five gold bars; Two Point Hospital – Dipping Duck Bundle;
  • September 8: Wild Rift – Random Champion Pose Chest;
  • September 13: Unreleased Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bundle;
  • September 19: Fall Guys Content;
  • September 22: Wild Split – Random Emotional Chest;
  • Still in September 2022: New in Skull and Bones; Rainbow Six Siege – Operator Packs and Boosters
Fall Boys Amazon Prime Games Releases in September 2022
autumn boys Source: Epic Games

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source: Amazon, Prime Gaming, Steam, PlayStation Store

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