As Dusk Falls is great for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Studios is officially out Dusk Falls. The game is the first exclusive in the publisher’s release schedule for the next 12 months, shown in a presentation with Bethesda during Summer Game Fest 2022.

The adventure is an interactive drama developed by Inner/Night, a studio formed by veterans of Quantic Dream (pouring rain and Detroit: Become Human) and Sony. The story explores the betrayal, sacrifice and perseverance of two families over thirty years.

As a first taste of what’s to come in Microsoft’s gaming division, Dusk Falls Takes a position that naturally leads to high expectations. To answer the question of whether or not the game will make good use of player hope, I’m allowing myself to do what the adventure hasn’t allowed me to do in all three chapters I’ve played: stay on the fence.

Interior/Night’s debut project is innovative and revolutionary in many ways, for better and for worse. Comparison is impossible Dusk Falls On the scale of other exclusives that will be released by Microsoft, such as the big budget project Starfield.

It is also impossible to make a solid comparison of the title with others in the narrative drama genre, e.g Life is Strange: True Colors and Career. Dusk Falls It’s a unique game, just like the catalog of Xbox exclusives needs to be.

There are no heroes and villains in As Dusk Falls. Everyone is fighting for their family. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Lucas Arraz)

The plot is tied

The beginning of the story is to discover how the events of 1998 have affected the woman’s life in the present. The story takes us to a sequence of events that arise as a result of a robbery in a small town in Arizona, USA. The player’s choices have a strong impact on the lives of the characters. Dusk Falls Has a dynamic story that always puts difficult choices at the crossroads.

The game raises the tension level of the playable narrative genre over the past decade. To give the choice more weight, interior/night has the brilliant idea of ​​telling a story that interweaves different time periods between the same characters.

Dialogue solutions avoid ambiguity and obviousness. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Lucas Arraz)

So even if there is a calm situation on screen, it is impossible not to think that the dialogue options will directly affect a much more complicated situation in the future. That’s what happens in the beginning, where talking about a couple’s infidelity can determine the kinds of choices that save a child from the possibility of brutally losing its mother years later.

This function creates Dusk Falls I will always leave you decisive. It seems that there is no easy and aimless choice. If the deduction Life is strange Valuing moments of rest and peace, Interior/Night chose not to give the player moments of respite. The types of decisions are also different. Sometimes, it’s not entirely clear which paths the story will take, with multiple decisions being made for the same dialogue on screen.

Gameplay stopped

If the story Dusk Falls It’s stunning, the same cannot be said for the graphic style. The gameplay alternates between exploring scenarios and giving the player the freedom to choose where to go and with whom to cooperate with, to say the least, breathtaking graphics. the whole story Dusk Falls It is told through photographs, a sequence of images in the form of stylized drawings, a simulation of realistic-looking comics, or even a slideshow of photographs.

The game loses a lot of immersion by not bringing its characters to life and blocking the player’s quest. At this point, it becomes clear that the locked-in gameplay choices have a purpose: to branch out the story. Dusk Falls There are many possible ways. Interior/Night also shows different paths that the player can choose from, showing the trajectories in the adventure in a special menu.

Personally, over the course of the chapters, I learned to accept the graphical style and the fact that the gameplay is limited to watching a sequence of images, making decisions and participating in moments of quick clicks of the controller buttons. The gameplay serves the mission that creates Dusk Falls A unique game. It would be difficult to assemble eight players in different graphic styles.

The menu shows the different paths the game chapter can take, past and present, with data on other players’ choices and paths to save characters. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Lucas Arraz)

Cooperative is an element of surprise

played Dusk Falls He was alone and having a lot of fun. But I have to be honest: while playing, it’s clear that the adventure was designed to be crossed with other people. Unlike anything I’ve experienced in video games, Dusk Falls You can gather up to eight players at the same time, online and also on the sofa at home, in a unique way.

Eight participants must vote on the choice that will decide what the character will say or do. Options are presented as multiple responses that players choose using a controller, mouse, or mobile phone. The choice with the most votes wins and decides the outcome of each crucial moment in the characters’ lives. Players also have special items to veto someone else’s option. If the votes are tied, the game will randomly select the winning choice.

With so many weighty choices in the adventure, Dusk Falls It has huge potential to generate discussions about morals and ethics, sure to entertain a group of friends playing together. Interior/Night invites players to experience an innovative multiplayer system that includes local, online and broadcast modes. In local multiplayer, you can join up to 8 players on the same screen using Xbox controllers.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to have eight controls in your house or pass things from hand to hand. The game has its own free app to download on Android and iOS phones. The app serves as a controller that interacts with an internet-connected Xbox console.

Another option is to play Dusk Falls Through online multiplayer. Just invite your friends to play and have a party. The last multiplayer option is also quite promising. In broadcast mode, the player allows Twitch chat users to vote on game options and actively participate in the story.

The innovative cooperative dish is just that Dusk Falls Profiles each player’s behavior at the end of each chapter. The game shows who took care of the family, who was the most determined, and which player can sacrifice everything for what they love.

How long does it take to beat As Dusk Falls?

Dusk Falls It has about 6 hours of gameplay. The story is divided into books and chapters, which can be explored and accessed directly from the menu, in case you decide to change the decisions you made.

The title includes playful situations involving intense violence, family conflict, mental health and suicide. The game addresses the warning about the scenes and allows the player to choose not to watch the suicide scene in the third chapter.

The game allows players to skip the suicide scene. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Lucas Arraz)


It’s worth playing Dusk Falls. For those who love narrative games, Adventure is a plate full of drama and emotion, even when played alone. You will always be between a rock and a hard place, motivated to find out how the plot of two families crossed over 30 years ends.

For other players, the option to gather friends and discuss decisions with strong ethical paradoxes can lead to an intense and fun night of discussions or a good live stream with your Twitch followers. The title is innovative and a great experience for groups, making it a powerful addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. I’d even venture to say that the adventure could appear as a good bet on the Game of the Year awards list.

Dusk Falls Available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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