Arcadegeddon: Worth it?

Released last week, but in early access since 2021, Arcadegeddon brings a heady mix of combat that focuses on co-op gameplay and PvP game modes. The title doesn’t hide that entertainment is the main focus and therefore it’s not about telling an engaging story. The basic prerequisites are: running, shooting and leveling up.

While the gameplay works well and has some fun moments, Arcadegeddon has little motivation to keep the player engaged, and the limited content can quickly become uninteresting.

It is likely that Illfonic and Epic Games already have a lot of news planned, but there is a taste of “I expected more”.

What is Arcadegeddon?

Arcadegeddon is a video game, but it’s not what you think. We are not talking about a title created for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but a game created by Gilly in this fictional world. At the launch of Arcadegeddon, the mega-corporation Fun Fun Co. planted a virus that corrupted the data, and it’s up to Gil’s player-controlled nephew to enter these many worlds of madness to eliminate the attackers.

The plot is so simple that Ilfonic itself does not care about character development, as the hero’s mission – completely customized – is to talk to NPCs to get challenges and side quests, enter Arcadegedon to complete tasks, deliver completed quests and recruit. NPCs to help fight the megacorporation. This happens throughout the game.

In the story, players must complete challenges to recruit allies to save Arkadgeddon, and that’s it from start to finish. Source: screenshot.

It’s interesting how the player becomes disinterested in the story just like Fortnite’s Save the World mode. Although there is a constructed world and the consequences of the protagonist’s actions, the player is more interested in participating in matches and surviving the chaos of the matches.

So stop acting

Fun is guaranteed during matches as the player, alone or with two more friends, can enter matches to survive as long as they can. Arcadegeddon is somewhat similar to cheats: the game starts, and as the levels are passed, the difficulty increases, and the session only ends when everyone dies or when they decide to end it.

A match can last for 10 minutes or it can last for hours, it just depends on the player’s skills or choices. New enemy variations appear as the levels progress, and a good variety of maps further helps keep the fun from getting repetitive.

Action and fun are continuous moments in the game. Source: screenshot.

Boss encounters are still possible, but the game only has four special villains. For those looking for greater challenges, these special battles require more powerful gear, which is obtained by finding better loot and perfecting movement to avoid critical damage.

It’s a very fun game thanks to a large number of weapons with very different effects and attacks – such as saws, boosters or rocket launchers – and special abilities give the game a special touch, can activate a fireball, a black hole or summon powerful helpers. Powers are unlocked with experience levels gained at the end of the game, giving the player interest in unlocking these powerful abilities.

There are a variety of weapons – all of which are adapted for DualSense – and there are even options for special abilities. Source: screenshot.

The mechanics of shooting, running, jumping and exploring scenarios are very fluid. Everything happens during fierce battles against enemies, and the developer has included PvP mini-games for those who play with their friends in a team. It’s deathmatch or survival challenges in Fall Guys style, something very creative and very fun.

In matches, Arcadegeddon really stands out as a great experience. It’s light, uncompromising, fun, versatile and very well designed – notable for the triggers and DualSense tactile response, which work perfectly with a variety of weapons and visual effects. However, towards the end of the game, Arcadegeddon has problems.

Bosses bring additional and very interesting challenges to matches. Source: screenshot.

Lack of motivation

While the gameplay itself is fun, the player doesn’t feel motivated to continue because the story isn’t very interesting, the rewards are limited, and the unlockable cosmetics aren’t attractive at all. A player may be motivated to seek high scores to appear on leaderboards or platinum, but that’s about it.

Perhaps this is the big dilemma of games with cheat elements: the possible feeling of a waste of time. Finally, when the matches are over, the player loses the weapons found, the score made, and all stage progress. Arcadegeddon even tries to alleviate the problem by providing other starter gear, but even then, there are few rewards to motivate players.

Rewards and a sense of progress are weak elements of the game. Source: screenshot

Other games have taught how to overcome the feeling of fatigue. For example, Hades made the player interested in the character’s narrative and notorious evolution, and therefore did not get tired of being reset more than once – despite the fact that there was not such a large variety of enemies. Now, in Arcadegeddon, rewards, cosmetics and the story itself are not enough to play, play and play.

Of course, Epic Games and Illfonic should already have a plan of action to make more content available, and maybe we’ll see some exciting news that could drastically change the feel of Arcadegeddon. Also because, like Fortnite, success is built in stages.

No new content has arrived yet. Source: screenshot.

Arcadegeddon: Is it worth it?

Arcadegeddon is worth it, all the more because of that Make the title available for free As one of the monthly PlayStation Plus games. Thanks to the action, the servers have players always active to do matchmaking in co-op and competitive mode.

The experience is better in a closed party with three players and the shooting game works great. This is a recommended title for stressful days when video games can be a really fun escape.

PvP moments are a lot of fun with a variety of stages and challenges. Source: screenshot.

Unfortunately, for those who are more of a lone wolf type, the solo gameplay is not very attractive precisely because of the fatigue experience that occurs after a few hours. Rewards, cosmetics and experiences become unattractive and very repetitive.

Arcadegeddon has the potential to become the phenomenon of the year precisely because of its light style, easy learning and fun gameplay. We’ll just have to wait and see how Epic Games and Illfonic handle the game over the next few months.

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