Apple releases software updates for iOS 16

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA – More than two years after the start of the Corovirus Pandemic, Apple on Monday took a big step back to normalcy and invited hundreds of software developers and journalists to its latest campus to unveil the latest software systems. The first thing every iPhone user sees: the lock screen.

The company said the iPhone brings more personalization, with the ability to customize the lock screen with colors, widgets and live activities. The new software will allow iPhone users to create custom lock screens for different scenarios – for example, a work screen that shows a calendar preview, or a personal screen that displays exercise activity data.

The new software features, part of Apple’s new iOS 16 operating system for iPhones, reflect what Google has introduced for its Android system in 2021. Google has created an offer called “Material You” that allows users to change the appearance of the lock screen by clicking. From the colors of their home screen wallpapers.

In addition to these updates, Apple said it is changing its messaging system to allow people to remember and edit texts after they are sent. There is also a new way to compose messages by typing text and voice commands with liquid switching.

The company has also released Safety Check, an ability for iPhone users to share personal data with others, such as location, and to deny this access to avoid abusive relationships.

The presentation was the first time Apple has invited guests to its campus since 2019. Campus, Apple Park. Attended by developers, journalists and retailers, a group with whom Apple wants to improve relations amid growing union organizing.

The software updates come amid delays in the introduction of new, innovative products from the company, which the late co-founder of the company Steve Jobs has made synonymous with revolutionary new devices. Apple last introduced a new product category, wearables, in 2014 when it introduced the Apple Watch.

This is an evolving story. Check for updates.

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