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Announced about a month ago, Apple’s new M2 chip promises great graphics performance. Since its official launch, the processor has already passed a number of tests and benchmarking. Compared to the Ryzen 7 6800U, one of the main competitors, the M2 chip surprised with its gaming performance. But there’s a catch: the processor’s performance didn’t meet expectations.

The new Apple M2 chip (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

Latest performance tests performed by YouTube channel Hardware Unboxed. In short, the new Apple M2 surprises in terms of graphics performance, surpassing the Ryzen 7 6800U, but showing average results in the CPU benchmark.

M2 surprises in gaming performance

The comparison was made while the game was running Shadow of the Tomb Raider, quite heavy. The M2 chip in Apple’s machine performed better than expected. In the previous generation, the Apple M1 could only run the game at low settings, while the new processor had no problems with the highest graphics settings.

Against the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U with RDNA 2 iGPU, the Apple M2 outperformed the average by up to 10% in a gaming session. Both chips ran Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the same graphics settings. The M2 averaged 28 frames per second (fps) at 1200p, while AMD’s Ryzen 7 maxed out at 25 fps.

At medium and low settings, the M2 took the lead, averaging 33 fps versus 30 fps in the Ryzen 7 test. The comparison also showed that Apple’s processor does all this on about 48% less power than its competitor.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Image: Publicity/Eidos Montreal/Square Enix)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Image: Publicity/Eidos Montreal/Square Enix)

During Apple’s 2022 WWDC event, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said that the new M2 chip represents a “new era” for gaming on MacBooks. With this strategy, popular games that were released a few years ago for Windows, such as No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village, should be released on Mac this year.

With the graphics performance of the M2, Apple really hopes to position itself in the gaming market, but that is still unclear. After all, despite the amazing performance of games in tests, the availability of titles available for MacOS is still very limited.

CPU performance does not exceed expectations

Aside from graphics performance that surpasses competitors like the Ryzen 7, the Apple M2 chip doesn’t deliver as much processing power as expected. In all other CPU benchmarks, the M2 outperforms Intel’s Alder Lake and Ryzen 6000 series chips.

For example, the 12th Gen Intel i7 and i9 outperformed the M2 in Cinebench’s multi-threaded tests. The Ryzen 7 6800U also performed better and even consumed less power than the M2.

Apple’s new chip outperformed the Ryzen 7 in single-core tests, but Intel’s Alder Lakes was the fastest. According to Apple, the M2 has a 25% increase in processing power over the M1, with an 18% increase in multi-core performance. However, these tests cast doubt on Apple’s claims.

Part of the problem may be that Apple is still using the same 5nm processor as the M1 chip. The M2 was expected to be a new 3nm chip, but supply difficulties and blockages in China halted production. In any case, the M2 still offers excellent gaming performance, despite being a bit slow in processing. But is it worth the price?

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