Apex Legends Mobile: A Successful Franchise Comes With Adaptation To Mobile Phones | Analysis / Review

The game was confirmed last May 11th Apex Legends Mobile A global launch will be available this Tuesday (17), available in Brazil. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment, the title comes to the successful PC and console franchise debut now on mobile devices.

How to play on mobile phones? What’s in it compared to the new original version? TudoCelular had early access to it and tells the news in this full analysis.

Story, game modes and characters

First of all, it is important to emphasize that events unfold Apex Legends Mobile Different from gaming on consoles and computers. It will not be the same game that will be ported to mobile devices, but a new game based only on the original.

Here are new game modes and social systems as well as unique characters. Possible modes include traditional Battle Royale, Ranked Match – unlocked from level 8 – and Multiplayer, for example.

Already in the team of legends you will find some already famous iconic and some new. At this first moment, the new character on the list is Fade – which you can get as you progress.

The game is entirely localized in Portuguese, both in the menu and in the subtitles, showing the attention of the Brazilian public.


Overall, we do not have a large imbalance in the battles. Each character has their own style and requires you to adapt to their fighting type. Fade may be a public favorite in this first moment, mainly because he is new at the time.

The main thing is that because it is a title designed for mobile, the commands are very well distributed on the screen and the adaptation has been successfully implemented for mobile platforms.

Another important thing is to change the type of vision of your character. This means you can choose whether you want a first-person or third-person view field. So you can adjust it to your desired playing style.

Even though you do not have external joystick support, you should not bother playing with the on-screen buttons. All of them can perform actions on a liquid basis and without any deficit with respect to control.

Apex Legends Mobile still offers exclusive Battle Passes to help you evolve within the game. Still, the experience can be extended without buying anything for real money, though it does take longer.

The studio is expected to hold regular events in its new game, so you need to see how it evolves and how it will have the ability for constant updates to keep players entertained for a long time.

Graphics and soundtrack

In terms of graphics, the various options in the options show that the developer intended to create something that would be affordable for low-power mobile phones and attractive high-end smartphones.

We played the Galaxy S22 Ultra in Ultra HD quality, set “very high” in frame rate to see what the title can do. The visuals do not really disappoint when it’s well loaded, but it does take some time before we’re still on the map – rich in detail and well-placed elements.

In practice, you will find a very nice look for a mobile game. Objects, shadows, weapons, and characters had good graphic development. However, we expected higher frame rates per second. Even at “very high” speeds, we did not go above 50 fps – not to mention the maximum 120 fps supported on this phone. The expectation was to reach at least 60 fps.

In the audio part, the battles themselves have no background music, even to know the script and not be surprised. The sound effects are well-placed and do not have any interruptions that interfere with the experience.

However, it lacked duplication of characters in Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR). This helps you to further identify the game itself with the local audience, in addition to what we have already mentioned about the menu and subtitles. This is something to learn in a future update.

Write it on the agenda!  Apex Legends Mobile has a release date

11 May

Respawn confirms that Apex Legends Mobile will be released

03 May

Final considerations

Apex Legends Mobile Fulfills the goal of transferring the already established franchise to mobile devices, not as a copy of the original game, but as something new that does not lose the essence of the series, but adds news and adapts to the platform on which it plays. .

Respawn’s title balances out good performance in each of the above themes, from game modes to graphical quality, to gameplay-adjustable vision.

There are definitely improvements in the future, especially the frame rate per second – something fundamental in the shooter – and the lack of sound action. Time also shows how willing the people in charge of the game are to create events that will keep players entertained for a long time.

The Fps frequency is still lowLack of duplication in PT-BRNo external control support


We will consider the game modes. All were well developed for mobile.


Selectable game between first or third person, with good adaptation for mobile phones.


High quality graphics, but I expected more from fps speeds.


The sound effects are arranged satisfactorily, there is no distraction music, but there is a lack of PT-BR duplication.


The game lasts for hours. It remains to be seen whether future events will maintain the high quality of the game.

Overall score

Overall, we see that Apex Legends Mobile has a very complete and promising set in the Battle Royales segment.


The new version of the franchise Apex Legends Undoubtedly worth it for Battle Royale fans, be it first or third person. It comes in a competing segment of Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and others, unlike the first one, which is a new game and not just ported.

You can download Apex Legends Mobile For Android and iOS, starting this Tuesday (17) directly in the official stores of Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Download links can be found below the text on the card.

So how do you rate the new Apex Legends Mobile? Are you going to play it on your mobile device? Act with us!

* Thanks for the game tips for this review for early access to TudoCelular!

Apex Legends Mobile

Developer: Electronic Arts

Free – Offers in-app purchases

Size: varies by device

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