Apex Legends is becoming one of EA’s most lucrative franchises

Apex Legends is becoming one of EA’s most lucrative franchises

Whether we like the way they earn revenue, the truth is that games as a service have become the new gold mine in the video game industry. While not everyone can achieve the expected success, struggling to maintain the public interest, those who do can do many things at the full cash desks of companies and this is one such case. Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Credit: Disclosure / EA

Although a sharp drop was recorded a few weeks after the excellent launch, according to a financial report released by EA, the game developed by Respawn Entertainment seems to have found its way.

Referring to the last quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, the document states that Apex Legends Exceeded $ 2 billion. It is important to note that the number refers to the total number generated since the day the game was launched, which took place in February 2019.

However, as of May 2021, Blake Jorgensen, the former chief financial officer of EA, had revealed that the title’s revenue had reached $ 1 billion, which means half the value. Apex Legends It happened in just one year. According to Chris Sui, the current head of the publisher’s financial sector, performance represents a 40% increase over the previous year, with the 12th season becoming the most successful in the game.

Such revenue growth also puts the title in the direction of the company’s desire to generate $ 1 billion annually. Of course, saving such a huge stream of money will not be easy, but Electronic Arts has a trick that will be used on May 17th.

This is the date we see around the world Apex Legends Mobile, The version that will be released on Android and iOS, introduces new game modes, maps and exclusive content for mobile devices. The official website of the game allows those who wish to pre-register.

If the people at Respawn Entertainment manage to do a good job and keep this version with as many new features as seen in the game for PCs and consoles, I believe its mobile version could also become a huge success. If that happens, the franchise could become even more important to EA if it is already placed next to names like FIFA And Lord of the RingsCan you imagine what a brand can become with the contribution of tablets and smartphones?

Meanwhile, in 2042 …

But if the EA has a reason for the designation when it comes Apex LegendsThe same can not be said for what should have been one of the company’s biggest launches in 2021, Battlefield 2042. After suffering a difficult start and seeing that the number of its players (on Steam) has dropped from 51k to 2200 in the last 30 days, the game situation seems to be far from resolved.

Even worse, when the report cites securities that consider it an asset, i.e. those that continue to bring money into its basement, EA even included a logo. Battlefield V, But nothing is said about the franchise’s latest contribution. In fact, Battlefield 2042 It only became the subject of a presentation when investors questioned him and the CEO of the company was tasked with calming them down and saying that their game plan was long-term.

“This is one of the biggest franchises in our industry created by one of the biggest teams in our industry,” said Andrew Wilson. “And our expectation is that it will continue to grow and be a really important part of our portfolio for many, many years to come.”

Credit: Disclosure / EA

To that end, EA left Vince Zampella and Marcus Leto “to look at the development process from scratch.” For Zampella, best known as one of the creators of the series ძCollection of dutyThis will take care of the entire franchise Battlefield. As for Lehto, who was responsible for the design of Master Chief and is one of the fathers of the series HaloHe will lead a studio in Seattle that is involved in a project related to the series.

Already in relation Battlefield 2042, At the moment DICE is focused on releasing updates that make the game better, mainly on the proper functioning of its “core”. So when that finally happens, the studio will focus on moving beyond the title to where it is today.

While this is a rather empty and difficult-to-fulfill promise, I do not completely rule out a revival. Battlefield 2042. The industry has just shown us that it is possible to change the first bad impression left by the game and if Electronic Arts has the patience and interest to save your FPS, it is quite possible. However, before Battlefield V Keep attracting so many players, how long will the publisher continue to believe in its successor?

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