Another one: Doom appears at a McDonald’s ordering kiosk

It feels like you can play Doom anywhere

The original 1993 Doom is one of the most influential games in the industry and has already become a trend in the most unusual areas of the game, like a Lego piece and even with the help of an old disk phone. Classic this time The game was found installed in a McDonald’s sales kiosk.

There is no information in which city/country McDonalds with Doom is installed. However, this unusual event attracted people’s attention The game’s official Twitter account that posted the image, comments that this is due to some genius. The only problem with playing a version of Doom at a McDonald’s kiosk would be the subsequent payment of an orthopedic consultation because of the bad neck of those who decide to test the game.

What makes Doom a popular game in the unofficial and unusual porting community, aside from the story behind the game, is the fact that its code is openly available on the web. This makes it easy for people to create different playable versions of the game, including one that works through Twitter.

Doom runs in the motherboard BIOS

The Coreboot community took the code from Doom and decided to show that it is also possible to run the game in the motherboard BIOS. The CoreDoom version was created as a replacement for the component’s proprietary software, which only performs the bare minimum of tasks required for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Meet CoreDoom to run the game in BIOS

– Continues after commercial –

In this way, any modern computer can be transformed into a piece of hardware, with an exclusive dedication to the performance of the classics created by Id Software. All game files are located in the system ROM, so if you decide to run Doom in your system’s BIOS, be aware that you won’t be able to do anything other than run the game.

They managed to run Doom on a LEGO brick and in the motherboard BIOS
id Software’s game continues the adaptive journey of all that is possible


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