Announced Minecraft Legends and released for PlayStation; Trailer and details

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 has been announced by Mojang Studios Minecraft Legends.

Despite not mentioning the platforms, the trailer posted on the studio channel confirms that it will come on the PlayStation (it is not yet known if it will be PS4 and / or PS5).

For more information, see the text published on the official website below.

Through Minecraft, our players have created endless stories: about creativity, courage and friendship – but also about defeat, sacrifice and new ventures.

Stories are powerful. Legends teach us what happened and what could have happened. They form a bridge between us and past generations, as well as between future generations.

From today we want to tell you another story – about peaceful coexistence, where adventurers do not tremble when they hear the whistle, sigh or crack of bones. And that moment when a terrible force threatened to destroy this idyllic world forever. This is a story about Overworld of Minecraft Legends.


Minecraft Legends is a new game that tells the story of the unification of Overworld against the invasion of raging pigs. According to legend, only you can collect Overworld crowds and help them protect their own home. The events in which you take part are neither fact nor fiction; They are just part of a tale that has moved from village to village. There are no records or evidence of a great hero raising his flag to save the world – only a strong legend remains.


Minecraft Legends is a unique action strategy game. It has elements of strategy at its core, but its mechanics are inspired by immersion in action games. You can explore the familiar but in many ways new Overworld from a third person perspective. You will protect peaceful settlements and fight an army of pigs to stop their corruption in the Netherlands. You are the center of every battle you lead, you fight with your allies when you give them instructions. We will reveal more about how you will accomplish the monumental task of repelling the Piglin invasion in the coming months.


When Legends was still just an idea, we knew our hands were already full of our two existing games – Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. After Minecraft Legends needed the right experience and focus to really come out, we decided to partner with Blackbird Interactive (BBI), the Vancouver studio that works with us to bring the game to life.

BBI has extensive experience in game design, especially in the strategy genre, and the development team is working on Minecraft Legends. The combination of their strengths with us made the game unique. We look forward to working with the BBI’s talented teams and look forward to seeing you experience the Minecraft strategy game.

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