Analyst Estimates Game Pass Will Have 100 Million Subscribers With Activision Blizzard Games

And billions if the focus was on the cloud

Gaming market analyst Michael Pachter has been well known for his opinions for years. This time, in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live, the analyst says that, When Microsoft adds Activision Blizzard games to the Game Pass catalog, the service will have 100 million subscribers.

Before giving his opinion, he admits that he didn’t really believe in this form of business when Microsoft announced Game Pass. “Microsoft had a vision years ago that I thought was stupid, where they were going to introduce a subscription service and everybody was going to pay them to play games. And they just didn’t have a lot of games.”

“Then they went on a spree of acquisitions and bought six independent studios, the biggest of which was Obsidian. They’re really, really good. Then they bought Bethesda, which is a giant studio, and now they’re going to buy Activision. When they’re done, they’ll be the fourth largest game publisher in the U.S. in. So they’re going to be giants and then they’re going to be in a position to actually support Game Pass. Pachter.

Microsoft’s focus should be on Cloud Gaming

The analyst believes that Microsoft wants to increasingly eliminate the use of video games and traditional ways to focus on the cloud to reach billions of people, as opposed to the current format that still depends on the Xbox console or PC.

Wall Street investors are betting the Microsoft-Activision deal won’t work

“Their vision for the future is that we’re going to eliminate consoles. We’re going to use the cloud and we’re going to deliver games to any screen. And that potential market is 3.5 billion people. So I don’t think they can get that much.” Game Pass subscribers, but are they going from 25 million to 100 million? Yes,” says Pachter.

In order for Activision Blizzard games to be included in Game Pass like Microsoft games, the deal between the two giants must be finalized by the US regulatory authority (FTC). The analyst believes that they “have no legal basis” to go against the purchase.

“I can say with certainty that the FTC has no legal basis to go against it. They could try. But there would be grounds for rejecting the transaction if Microsoft wanted to complete the Activision purchase so they could take games off PlayStation. And Microsoft He’s already said on blogs and on Twitter that he won’t do it. We have contracts. We honor them,” the analyst said.

He believes that by October, unless the FTC rules against him, the transaction will close by the end of the year, or by mid-January. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not only the largest in the gaming industry, but one of the largest in history.


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